The Mentorship Programme

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The Mentorship Programme is for you if you’re:

  • Fed up with being a slave to your business?
  • In the rat race and a dead end job?
  • Wanting a second income every Month?
  • Not seeing enough of your children grow up?
  • Retired and want a hobby? 
  • Want more financial freedom?

The Road to Personal Freedom!

A Personal Note … These 2 things stop people the most…

From Lee Sandford Professional trader for 17 year:

Why do so many people STRUGGLE to keep a positive mindset, practice healthy habits, and try NEW strategies that can help them become more wealthy, happy and influential?

Life struggles get in the way and it’s hard for people to keep a positive mindset.

It’s not because they are not good people.

In fact, they’re a lot like you.

They buy books and invest in their trading growth. They are committed and know they deserve to be better traders.

So what holds them back?


  1. Lack of consistent training and a curriculum to help them advance faster.
  2. Accountability and coaching so they get qualified perspective and real direction and feedback!

In other words…

… They don’t know what to do, don’t get enough new strategies, and don’t have a coach keeping them on track and accountable.

I bet you can relate.

You DEEPLY CARE about reaching the next level of trading success.

You’re the type of person who really wants to earn more, trade more, give more, make your mark.

You want high performance in every area of your life because you KNOW, deep down, you’re supposed to have a life that isn’t boring, riddled with debt, and drained by stress and conflict.

But the truth is…

…. sometimes you get STUCK, right?

Well, I can help you with that by giving you more attention every single month.

I want to get you in and give you the CONSISTENT training and coaching you need to advance FASTER in every area of trading.

People get ahead because they have coaches and mentors who share new strategies with them and keep them accountable and motivated on the long path to success. That’s what I want to do for you.

We want to help more people.

Why might we be a good coach for you?

Here’s What This is About…

What would happen if we doubled your momentum, focus and confidence by working with us every month?

Every month, we are teaching students to become successful confident traders.

It’s like a check-point for people – an ongoing bolt of energy, breakthroughs and new tactical strategies that keep them at the top of their game.

Because you and I both know a lot of people get inspired by one book, or one video, or one insight, then they lose the fire and MOMENTUM and confidence as they get back to real life.


And just like athletes need a coach helping them steadily climb to higher levels, so do you.

That’s why I’m inviting you into our mentorship training.

The Trading College family, from Lee, coaches, support staff and students, the help and support cannot be overstated. Absolutely wonderful experience.
The best thing about the mentorship is the support which is second to none. The students all help each other. It’s life changing.

Paul S

January 2019

Very good support. Quick answers to questions. Would never have been able to crack the code without it. Excellent team.
The best thing about the mentorship is the strategies and group meetings.


January 2019

Excellent quality training. Personal mentoring is very supportive. Mentoring days are priceless. Highly recommend.
The best thing about the mentorship is spending time with my mentor, learning and interacting with fellow students. Plus, the learning path is excellent.

Richard B

January 2019

I’m fairly new but I’m working on my specific issues and getting results. I’m doing it a lot faster than I have been trying on my own. You don’t know what you don’t know.
The best thing about the mentorship is personalised support, encouragement and training from coaches who are trading their own accounts.


January 2019

Student Updates:

  • “Just thought I would let you know that I’m up 48% of my bank since last Monday when I started trading. I haven’t actually been trading much due to being busy at work, 1 to 3 trades per day.” – Stuart Day
  • “I have now finished trading today, but i wanted to share my February stats with you, as my mentor..Capital on the 1st of Feb – £11,000. Capital gain at the end of the month £24,076 , increase of 218%. Days traded 19. Successful trades 91. Unsuccessful trades 0.Without your help,support, and patients I could never had achieved anything like this.” – Steve Smith

  • “Happy new year to you too. It’s weird as I was going to email you this Friday. I managed to double my account before going into Christmas 🙂 on the 21st I took a beautiful daily ctboom on EURAUD. Also, I was long GOLD!! It’s amazing and has changed my life.. I took 20K out and IT’S IN THE BANK (for the first time in my life) and also took two weeks off!! going to start trading again from next Monday with 10K and this time I want to see how fast I can do this! Thank you, Lee I couldn’t have done it without your help!” – Rohan Pitumpe
  • “I am making 476 pips with the PTS two trades left running over Christmas GBPAUD and GBPNZD and added
    EURNZD and AUDNZD last night just got to manage trades, thanks again.” – Ian Collins
  • “After last few weeks of master class, specially master class of Wednesday 3 Oct 2018, I understood how to focus on long term time frames combine with short term time frame and wait for signals to enter in to trades.Now, I can combine all the time frames and decide the level to enter for swing trade and at the same time if the short term time frame is counter trending  I can decide when to enter in to the day trade for few pips profit with shorter term trend and successfully made 100 pips profit in 2 days. I am very glad that I became a member of the Trading College as LTR/Monday night scan & Master class  has given me lot of confidence to trade with profit.” – Vikrant Shah

  • Like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the help and support you and your team. Something for tonight’s webinar I wanted to share with you as I thought it was spot on timing,I put on a trade on the EUR/AUD on Friday Morning because the PTS came in with a new Short signal,It was a bit up and down on Sunday and Monday mainly negative throughtout. But woke up this morning with a profit of £562.40 profit! Goes to show you can make a £500 profit overnight!!!! – Naeem Vance
  • I’m trading with a 2k pot for the moment and went ‘live’ on the 13th.  Stepped aside for brexit week as it was a bit too much for me so early on, so 2 weeks trading so far. 10 trades in total (3 of them were 2 bases, so I count them as one trade – highlighted those pairs).  1 losing trade – apparently I can’t manage two trades at once just yet.  Could have managed most of them a little better, but overall I’m pretty happy with where I’m at so far – 13% up over the two weeks I’ve traded” – Emily Mclaren


Your Journey

  1. Secure your mentorship place
  2. Install your trading software
  3. Meet your coach and work on your 12 Month goals. Complete your trading plan
  4. Work your way through your learning path, learn the strategies and mindset
  5. Setup your diary for 1-1 coaching sessions
  6. Setup your live mentorship group chat app
  7. Attend Live Trading Room
  8. Attend Monthly group meetings
  9. Demo trade until your confident to go live
  10. Go live and work closely with your coach
  11. Become a master trader

The Core of the Mentorship Programme

The primary mission of Trading College is to help people transform, which we accomplish through the Mentorship Programme. The Mentorship Programme is the most comprehensive and effective way to achieve our mission — and we are able to accept a limited number of qualified, motivated students into this program each year. Mentoring is so much more than just figuring out how to trade more profitably. We are honoured to be such an important part of their transformational journeys, and that we can support their trading goals in this way. No matter what market you choose, or what system you are using – trading is 100% psychological. Your beliefs, mental states, and mental strategies all inform the outcome of your time in the markets.


The Three Steps of the Programme (success method)

Lee Sandford has taken the core elements for successful trading and developed a success method four-step process for the Mentorship Programme. The programme is divided into Mindset,Strategies, Live Trading and Account Growth,

Step 1: Trading Psychology – Focuses on a student’s personal psychology, helping students explore their psychology more thoroughly. Having the right mindset to follow strategies and money management rules is only part of being a successful trader. As human beings we all have emotions and some days don’t feel so great. Managing ourselves is equally important is achieving trading success. We understand this and have recognised that students will have challenges so we work with you to overcome them. Personality profiling is a crucial part of the Mentorship Programme. Students will complete a questionnaire at the very start of the programme and will work with the mentor to discover strength and weaknesses.

Step 2: Trading Strategies and Software – Requires students to have a thorough understanding of the charts, indicators and strategies. In addition to these basic tenets, students will become proficient in the basics of position sizing and risk management. One of the first lessons of the programme involves understanding processes for each strategy. However, before students accomplish this they must thoroughly understand the concepts in order to make sure that they fit them.

Step 3: Transition from Demo Account to Live Trading – Execution teaches students how to manage your trades. Going from demo trading too quickly can be harmful to your trading account. You will be guided and supported all the way through the process of live trading with real money. Your account and confidence will grow as you act on open trades with certainty. We know that trading is 100% psychological so support at this level from your mentor is crucial for long term success.

Step 4: Account growth and financial freedom  – Consistently making money from trading forever is the goal and at this stage we are trading with confidence and precision. You will be able to make money in any market condition and at any time.You can now trade from anywhere around the world and use trading to provide the financial freedom you desire. Coaching and passing your skills on to others may be something you want to do at this stage and so Trading College will consider you as a future coach, teaching hundreds of our students. Step 4 is all about mastery and financial freedom.

What Makes the Trading College Mentorship So Valuable?

  • Rule based Pro-Trading System Software and scanner
  • Rule based Trend Predictor system so you know whether the market is going to go up or down next week
  • Rule based Momentum Trader software and training so you can trade massive moves in the markets
  • All our Propriety software and scanners
  • How to apply the bias training so you know whether your going to be trading long or short each day or Week
  • Training to achieve your days money (profit) so there’s no need to ever work again
  • Traders learn at their own speed and their own level. We can apply all our strategies on any instrument and any time frame
  • Personal mentoring with a qualified Trading College coach
  • Trading Room access so you can sit alongside us and watch us trade

And so much more…..Plus, you’ll get access to:

  • 12 Months of LIVE trading in the daily trading room
  • Trading psychology lessons
  • Monthly group meeting
  • 12 Month goal setting and planning sessions. Quarterly goal setting and planning sessions. Monthly goal setting and planning sessions
  • Personality profiling report
  • Daily live chat on mobile app
  • Personal learning path, available 24 x 7
  • Money management techniques
  • ISA and SIPP technical analysis trading techniques (if required)
  • Trading Journal

£8,108 over night trade

Other requirements

Journaling – Students work on creating their personal trading business plan, tracking their trades, objectives, equity curve, and mistakes. Once a student has demonstrated they can proficiently trade at a high percentage of winning trades, they can transfer this into live markets. Our Trading Journal can highlight what strategies fit the students, reduce mistakes and clearly track all closed and open trades. Our journal is essential for a students trading success, and without it they cannot fully understand their trading personality. When you view your trading as a business, it allows you to cultivate discipline, structure, and a professional approach that fosters consistent and profitable trading. Most people who want to run a successful business know that they need a thorough business plan – and trading is no exception.  A business plan and journal acts as a guide for everything involved with that business, and this applies equally if not more to a trading business.

1-1 Mentoring Session with a Client

1-1 Mentoring Session with a Client via Webinar

Or call 020 3005 4905 and speak to Chris

Lee at IG Index Broker Monthly Charting the Markets

Why Choose a Trading Mentor?

Trading Support

There’s nothing better than having your own trading mentor supporting you all the way. Your mentor will show you how to trade the financial markets, grow your account and teach you a skill to earn money for life from anywhere in the world. They will hold your hand and give you the confidence to succeed as a trader.

Be Your Own Boss

Are you sick and tired of that long commute into work every day? Just imagine how much of your life you’re wasting as you travel to and from work. As a trader there is no need to leave your home and you can choose your hours. Spend more time with your family or start that hobby you have always wanted to do.

Financial Freedom

Create the life you deserve. Everyone craves financial freedom and our premier trading programme takes you every step of the way to making those dreams a reality. Our Mentorship Programme has changed students’ lives forever allowing them the freedom to enjoy their lives as they wish. Make your dreams come true.

Our 12-month Trading Mentorship is the best option for anyone serious about becoming a successful and consistently profitable full-time or part-time trader.

Ask our Mentorship Specialist about paying with 0% interest instalments. Spread the cost of your Mentorship over 12 months!

What Do Our Current Mentorship Students Say?


Harry Suleyman – Increased account by 50%

Harry is the MD of a chauffeur company and started learning how to trade to earn an extra income and work from home. He already knew a few people who had been trading successfully but knew he needed the correct education to learn how to trade properly himself. A few months into his Mentorship, Harry has been guided step-by-step throughout and his confidence is increasing. He attributes this to the Live Trading Room, live chat, education and the support network. Each trade he has placed has been a winning trade! Well done Harry on your journey so far!

Naeem Vance - Mentorship

I have grown in the last 4 months an account that was only £5,000, to an account that is now £10,000. I cannot thank Lee and all the Coaches at Trading College enough for the help and the support they have given. As they say upwards and onwards!!! 22 Jun 2017

Russ Barrie - Mentorship

I tried a few of Trading College’s smaller educational packages, and as I found out how transparent the company were, I changed to the mentorship package that has proven very profitable, mind stimulating, and completely changed my life! 19 Jun 2017

Peter Honeyman - Mentorship

All the staff members have shown that they care about encouraging you to be a success. Nothing is too much and are always available for help. There is no hard sell, quite the opposite. There is a great community spirit within the members group, who always help each other. 12 Jun 2017

Rohan doubled his trading account on Trading College Mentorship

What’s the secret to your success?

Before I started Mentorship, I really followed everything from Lee and Trading College – the free market updates, emails, and articles. It made it very easy to turn a small account in a big account in a short period of time but the problem was, I was taking big risks and I wasn’t doing it properly. It was actually when I joined the Mentorship that I really increased my trading account and kept it that way. I learned about money management and managing my emotions. I still only risk 0.5% of my trading account. In the beginning, when I didn’t quite understand the strategies and was losing money, I spoke to my mentor. You need a mentor. You will have bad days… all traders will have bad days and at first, you can find it hard to come out of it. That’s why managing your emotions is so important. My mentor taught me that I needed to choose one strategy and stick to it and become good at it. Every strategy will make money but you need to pick one and learn it and really make it your own. Once I did this, I moved on to using 2 strategies and now I use 3. I like to keep it simple, I only use 3 strategies and trade in 2 or 3 markets. That’s my advice – keep it simple…!

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