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Why Choose a Trading Mentor?

Trading Support

There’s nothing better than having your own trading mentor supporting you all the way. Your mentor will show you how to trade the financial markets, grow your account and teach you a skill to earn money for life from anywhere in the world. They will hold your hand and give you the confidence to succeed as a trader.

Be Your Own Boss

Are you sick and tired of that long commute into work every day? Just imagine how much of your life you’re wasting as you travel to and from work. As a trader there is no need to leave your home and you can choose your hours. Spend more time with your family or start that hobby you have always wanted to do.

Financial Freedom

Create the life you deserve. Everyone craves financial freedom and our premier trading programme takes you every step of the way to making those dreams a reality. Our Mentorship Programme has changed students’ lives forever allowing them the freedom to enjoy their lives as they wish. Make your dreams come true.

Our 12-month Trading Mentorship is the best option for anyone serious about becoming a successful and consistently profitable full-time or part-time trader.

We invite successful Mentorship applicants to a consultation lunch where they will meet their potential mentor within a small group of other applicants. To be considered for our next intake, apply below.

Ask our Mentorship Specialist about paying with 0% interest instalments. Spread the cost of your Mentorship over 12 months!

What’s included in my trading Mentorship Programme?

  • 12 months with trading mentor Lee Sandford and TC Coaches
  • Highly probability trading strategies with extensive teaching and guidance
  • 12-months access to the Live Trading Room, chat room and trade alerts to your phone
  • Two weekly evening webinars
  • Regular 1:1 coaching sessions and live trading with your mentor (via webinar)
  • Goal setting and profit assessment session
  • Bespoke trading plan tailored to your individual requirements
  • Includes all Trading College trading software and setup session
  • Extensive bespoke online learning path designed to teach you how to achieve your goals
  • Exclusive monthly group meetings (streamed for those outside London)
  • Additional email support

What Do Our Current Mentorship Students Say?


Harry Suleyman – Increased account by 50%

Harry is the MD of a chauffeur company and started learning how to trade to earn an extra income and work from home. He already knew a few people who had been trading successfully but knew he needed the correct education to learn how to trade properly himself. A few months into his Mentorship, Harry has been guided step-by-step throughout and his confidence is increasing. He attributes this to the Live Trading Room, live chat, education and the support network. Each trade he has placed has been a winning trade! Well done Harry on your journey so far!

Naeem Vance - Mentorship

I have grown in the last 4 months an account that was only £5,000, to an account that is now £10,000. I cannot thank Lee and all the Coaches at Trading College enough for the help and the support they have given. As they say upwards and onwards!!! 22 Jun 2017

Russ Barrie - Mentorship

I tried a few of Trading College’s smaller educational packages, and as I found out how transparent the company were, I changed to the mentorship package that has proven very profitable, mind stimulating, and completely changed my life! 19 Jun 2017

Peter Honeyman - Mentorship

All the staff members have shown that they care about encouraging you to be a success. Nothing is too much and are always available for help. There is no hard sell, quite the opposite. There is a great community spirit within the members group, who always help each other. 12 Jun 2017

Rohan doubled his trading account on Trading College Mentorship

What’s the secret to your success?

Before I started Mentorship, I really followed everything from Lee and Trading College – the free market updates, emails, and articles. It made it very easy to turn a small account in a big account in a short period of time but the problem was, I was taking big risks and I wasn’t doing it properly. It was actually when I joined the Mentorship that I really increased my trading account and kept it that way. I learned about money management and managing my emotions. I still only risk 0.5% of my trading account. In the beginning, when I didn’t quite understand the strategies and was losing money, I spoke to my mentor. You need a mentor. You will have bad days… all traders will have bad days and at first, you can find it hard to come out of it. That’s why managing your emotions is so important. My mentor taught me that I needed to choose one strategy and stick to it and become good at it. Every strategy will make money but you need to pick one and learn it and really make it your own. Once I did this, I moved on to using 2 strategies and now I use 3. I like to keep it simple, I only use 3 strategies and trade in 2 or 3 markets. That’s my advice – keep it simple…!

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