Group Mentorship Programme

What Is Mentorship And Is It Right For You?

What is Group Mentorship?

A mentorship can be delivered in many ways. We believe that by surrounding yourself with successful, like-minded people you are more likely to achieve your goals and furthermore, be fully supported on your journey. Our Mentorship Programme therefore combines as much self-learning as group learning, this combination of self and group learning results in a Group Mentorship. We have a community of Mentorship students who support their fellow students alongside the Trading College Coaches sharing a common goal – to learn and trade successfully.

Our Group Mentorship Programme has been developed over time by the Trading College MD Lee Sandford who played football professionally until retiring at the age of 34 due to a neck injury. Having a keen interest in the markets, Lee consequently began to trade full time. After 18 months struggling with trading and making all the mistakes almost all beginner traders without education make, Lee enrolled at various trading education providers here in the UK to learn how to trade properly. After many disappointments in the education he was receiving, Lee eventually flew over to the states to get educated properly and has now been a consistently successful trader for many, many years.

Is Our Group Mentorship Programme For You?

Our Group Mentorship Programme combines education with live trading, a trading alert system, our proprietary software, indicators and training, grouping you with other traders of a similar level for support and networking, classroom learning, a wide selection of online courses delivered on our state of the art learning hub, a Mentorship Manager and exclusive add-ons including 1:1 sessions, luxury trading retreats abroad and more.

If you are serious about your trading and you are really committed to make trading work for you, then mentorship with Trading College is a no brainer. Yes, we are confident enough to make that statement!


How To Join The Mentorship Programme

We only accept a limited amount of new students each month for our Mentorship Programme. To be considered for the next available intake, please apply below and you will be contacted shortly to go through your application and suitability.

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What’s Included?

Ultimate Trading Programme

Also included in the Mentorship Programme is our Professional Trading System (PTS) and extensive training course, Ultimate Trading Programme. This alone is worth £2997!

The Ultimate Trading Programme combines extensive user training with live market sessions and tutor support taught every Monday evening via webinar for 8 weeks.

Our Professional Trading System gives you exit and entry points, shows you when to re-enter a trade you missed, stop loss order placement and profit targets specific to your trading account. There are so many nifty features to save you time and tools to make you money! All our Mentorship students use the PTS when trading and have seen fantastic results.

Within this programme you receive – Professional Trading System, indicators, strategies and strategy screeners, live lessons (via webinar) once a week for 8 weeks with a specialist PTS coach. Find out more about this programme here.

Live Trading Room

Join our live trading room Mondays to Thursday 9:15am – 11:00am with our Mentorship Coaches.  On Monday’s our coaches conduct key levels and setting up for the week ahead.  Tuesdays through to Thursdays include education, trade alerts and live trading with their real accounts and real money.

Online Training Portal

As a Mentorship student, you will receive access to our online training portal, known as the learning hub and a large selection of online courses specifically for Mentorship. These courses include strategies, chart analysis, mindset and guidance, discussion boards, email support, quizzes, interactive modules and more.

Trading College Membership

Trading College Membership brings together hundreds of traders across the globe.  Members receive 3 market updates per week and a monthly overview of the markets.  Members can also join our closed Facebook group full of trading chat, updates, alerts and so on. As well as this, you will have access to education videos, access to all webinars and exclusive Q & A sessions with our top coaches.

Monday & Wednesday Night Swing Club

Every Monday and Wednesday evening 7pm – 8pm (GMT) perfect for Mentees working full time and who are swing trading.  Our Mentorship Coaches scan the markets and live trade with you, as always we are totally transparent using real trading accounts.


Monthly Group Mentorship Day

You will be invited to Mentorship days once a month, giving our Mentorship students the chance to meet like minded people going through similar journeys.  This is a student led day which will include either teaching, discussions, market analysis, reviewing trading plans and so on. This is held in London and streamed live for those who live further afield.

Full Support

Our main aim is provide all of our students with exceptional customer service and support.  As a Mentee you will have a dedicated Mentorship Manager who will support and guide you throughout your Mentorship Programme.

Mentorship Trading Alert Service

From 8am -10pm on Mondays to Fridays our Mentorship Coaches post trade alerts for all Mentorship students.  You will receive a minimum of 4 trade alerts per day. Let’s get you earning whilst you’re learning!


Strategies and Strategy Screeners

Mentorship students receive at least 5 strategy screeners complimenting our strategies to scan your preferred markets instantly alerting you to set ups. Full training on each strategy is given via the learning hub, live trading room and group mentorship days.

What Do Our Current Mentorship Students Say?


Harry Suleyman

Harry is the MD of a chauffeur company and started learning how to trade to earn an extra income and work from home. He already knew a few people who had been trading successfully but knew he needed the correct education to learn how to trade properly himself.

A few months into his Mentorship, Harry has been guided step-by-step throughout and his confidence is increasing. He attributes this to the Live Trading Room, Slack, education and support network. Each trade he has placed has been a winning trade!

Well done Harry on your journey so far!

Naeem Vance

Trading College has helped me to become a better trader, I was before consistently losing money, placing bad trades just to try to claw bad some of my loses only to lose even more, with the help of TC they turned me into a better trader and once learning only a few of the strategies shown I was able to place better trades, manage my money and losses and start to make money more consistently and on a daily basis, not only that I have grown in the last 4 months an account that was only £5000 to an account that is now £10000, plus I am not even at my screen all the time as I also work full time. I cannot thank Lee and all the Coaches at TC for the help and the support they have given. As they upwards and onwards!!!

22 Jun 2017

Russ Barrie

Currency Trading takes Time & Patience to Master through Trading Education, after Looking at a Few Companies, I was Grateful to Find the Mentor-ship Course at “Trading College” I Tried a Few of their Smaller Educational Packages, and as I Found out How Transparent the Company were, I changed to the Package that has Proven very Profitable, Mind Stimulating, and Completely Changed my Life ! Thank-you “Trading College Tutor’s & Staff”

19 Jun 2017

Peter Honeyman

I have been with Trading College a number of years and would not recommend any other Company. And believe me I have tried a few. All the staff members have shown that they care about encouraging you to be a success. Nothing is too much and are always available for help. There is no hard sell quite the opposite. The only way to be a success is to get educated. So I took some TC courses and I am where I am today because of Trading College. In the last three months I have taken 105 trades and lost only 4 trades. The software, courses and support are first class. There is a great community spirit .within the members group who always help each other.

12 Jun 2017

What Online Learning Is There?



  • 4 times per week join our live trading room via webinar to see live trading and teaching sessions.
  • 2 times a week join our evening swing club again via webinar, scanning the markets, setting up trades and education.
  • You’ll be invited to exclusive educational webinars and we tend to throw in a couple of extra sessions where we can too!
  • Early in 2017 we launched our new online learning hub which is packed with courses for you. Below you will see examples of some of the modules within the Mentorship online learning catalogue.

We only accept a limited amount of new students each month for our Mentorship Programme. To be considered for the next available intake, please apply below and you will be contacted shortly to go through your application and suitability.

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What Classroom Teaching Is There?



  • We run group Mentorship days every month in London where we teach for a full day. This tends to be a student led day and it’s a great opportunity for you to get your answers answered directly by our coaches.
  • We also run bolt on courses and events such as the Trader’s Retreat twice a year. This involves 3-5 days live trading with our MD Lee Sandford and head coach Federico Bustos.
  • You are also able to purchase 1:1 teaching sessions with a Trading College coach which can be held in our London offices or via webinar!

We only accept a limited amount of new students each month for our Mentorship Programme. To be considered for the next available intake, please apply below and you will be contacted shortly to go through your application and suitability.

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Reasons Why You Should Join Our Mentorship Programme

  • We have successfully helped hundreds of students become consistent traders.
  • Many of our mentorship students have achieved their initial goals such as giving up full time work, travelling more, spending more time with family, increasing their earning potential.
  • The sooner you join, the closer you are to knowing how to get consistent profits trading the markets.
  • You can watch successful traders trading live 6 times per week and receive daily trading alerts so you have the opportunity to earn whilst you learn.
  • Be taught by fully STA qualified coaches who are all professional traders and have been through the same journey you have.
    only take a limited number of Mentorship students each month so enquire now about availability!
  • Get early details to special events such as our Trading Retreats and Mastery sessions.