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”Out for 107 pips profit on the AUDJPY ”

Chris, Mentorship Student

”Just done 105 points on the Dax”

Graham, Mentorship Student

”Total profit for today is around 400 points, happy girl here ”

Silvy, Mentorship Student

”Around 300 pips this week, I’ve not had a losing trade for 3 weeks”

Atif, Mentorship Student

Join our mentorship and you could be getting the same results

Atif lets us know that he has doubled his account in a few Weeks since joining the mentorship

Darren brings in another £2,034 profit

Lee brings in over £9,500 profit in a few hours by using our mentorship scaling in process

Lee brings in £3,077.90 Profit. Trade account caught on his phone

Chris averaging £600 per day since joining the mentorship

Andy brings in another £615 Profit

The Power Of Creating Wealth By Coumpounding 

How to Accelerate a Trading Account

If the trading account started at just £2,000 and it made a monthly return of only 12%  which was then compounded after 5 years the account would be worth £1,795,193.87 Million.

When your young, you have an asset money can’t buy: TIME.  So start now!

Why choose a Trading Mentor?

Personal Mentor

There’s nothing better than having your own trading mentor supporting you all the way. Your mentor will show you how to trade the financial markets, grow your account and teach you a skill to earn money for life from anywhere in the world. They will hold your hand and give you the confidence to succeed as a trader.

Be Your Own Boss

Are you sick and tired of that long commute into work every day? Just imagine how much of your life you’re wasting as you travel to and from work. As a trader there is no need to leave your home and you can choose your hours. Spend more time with your family or start that hobby you have always wanted to do.

Financial Freedom

Create the life you deserve. Everyone craves financial freedom and our premier trading programme takes you every step of the way to making those dreams a reality. Our Mentorship Programme has changed students’ lives forever allowing them the freedom to enjoy their lives as they wish. Make your dreams come true.

Our Trading Mentors

Lee Sandford MSTA, CFTe

Founder and Professional Trader for 17 years

During a 17 year career in professional football, Lee played for Portsmouth FC, Stoke City FC, Reading FC, Sheffield Utd FC, and England’s Youth Team. He played at Wembley, with his whole family watching – and describes this as one of the proudest moments of his life.

Following his football career, Lee Sandford committed himself to mastering the markets. Like many beginners, the early years saw him attending a few courses – but this generated little more than frustration. So, Lee read avidly and looked further a field learning to trade from traders in the US. Lee currently trades the Forex markets, Indices and Commodities.

In 2009 Lee decided to bring a new style of trading education to the market and started Trading College Ltd. He has personally taught hundreds of people to trade the markets and is now a fully qualified technical analyst, member of the Society of Technical Analysts (STA) and International Federation of Technical Analyst (IFTA). Lee speaks every Month on IG Index TV on their programme Charting the Markets

Raj Dhall MSTA, CFTe

Trader and Trading Coach

Raj is a trader and trading coach. He coaches and supports traders of all levels on their journey towards becoming consistently profitable traders. He is qualified by the Society of Technical Analysts (STA).

Raj supports our students in our live trading chat room and mentors students of all levels.

Atif M.

I have spent around 20 years in IT and earned quite well. I always wanted financial freedom, however, not a 9 to 5 job. In random online searches I came across Trading College and was confused……..will it be the right decision to join them?

Now I am a mentorship student with Trading College. I am really understanding the trading, strategies and how they work. Lee and Greg, my mentors, have been outstanding in helping me to achieve my goal. Now I am making more money than I ever used to make in my 9 to 5 job, by just following strategies. I definitely would recommend Trading College.

I now call myself a money-making machine!

Susan C.

I have been a Mentorship student for the past year, all I can say is what an Incredible journey. My goal was to be a day trader and for me the Mentorship program was the only option to get me where I needed to be in the shortest time possible. The level of support is good, together with the monthly Mentorship meetings where we get together with fellow [students] and coaches in a totally open and sharing environment.  

Paul S.

The Trading College family, from Lee, coaches, support staff and students, the help and support cannot be overstated. Absolutely wonderful experience. The best thing about the Mentorship is the support which is second to none. The students all help each other. It’s life changing.  

Silvy K.

I’m fairly new but I’m working on my specific issues and getting results. I’m doing it a lot faster than I have been trying on my own. You don’t know what you don’t know. The best thing about the Mentorship is personalised support, encouragement and training from coaches who are trading their own accounts.  

Anish V.

Very good support. Quick answers to questions. Would never have been able to crack the code without it. Excellent team. The best thing about the Mentorship is the strategies and group meetings.  

Richard B.

Excellent quality training. Personal mentoring is very supportive. Mentoring days are priceless. Highly recommend. The best thing about the Mentorship is spending time with my mentor, learning and interacting with fellow students. Plus, the learning path is excellent.  

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