Most people wouldn’t expect a footballer to be trading shares!

Lee Sandford Footballer Trading CollegeAfter many fantastic years playing football for Sheffield United I still have an affectionate and appreciative recollection of my Yorkshire days. I loved my time there, made some great friends, and always enjoy a visit and a trip down memory lane. However my life has changed somewhat, both personally and professionally, since my time at Bramall Lane.

Trading is not the obvious route an ex-professional footballer takes, but when I was forced to retire from the game after a serious neck injury I wanted to find something I was passionate about and I’d always had an interest in how the stock market worked. In my final few years as a footballer I had been dabbling in the stock market, it fascinated me and I felt it might be an area in which I could build a new career.

As a footballer I always listened to my coaches, showed up on time and worked hard in training. I always gave my best and this is something I now apply to my trading and my students. Like with most things in life it is difficult starting out but if you have the patience to learn from someone with experience and the discipline and commitment to stick to a plan, you can make a nice monthly income from trading.

When I started out trading it was unrecognisable from what trading is like today. There was no dealing online it was all done by phone. There were none of the derivative or other complex trading vehicles that are now available to everyone. You just bought and sold shares, and the only way you could check their prices was by looking in the newspaper or watching the teletext services on TV. Every time you wanted to buy or sell shares, you had to ring your broker. At first I was terrible at it, I had no strategy, no plan, but I was dedicated and slowly got the hang of it.

140221-LS-089Subsequently, people started coming to me and asking me to teach them how to trade the markets. That’s how I discovered my love of teaching. People who came to me began to get good at trading and started to make real money, which in turn helped them turn their lives around and take control of their finances in a way they’d never thought possible before. It was inspiring watching people develop their lives this way.

I set up my own education company, Trading College, in 2009 and wanted to create a culture where people could learn a skill and then continue to learn using the resources I was developing for them. Anyone can trade. It doesn’t matter what back ground or education you have. It’s all about learning a skill like you have to if you want to become a professional footballer.

Trading College soon became a community of traders helping each other grow. I teach my students to think positively about life and their future and how to make a consistent profit from trading Foreign Exchange. They need to let go of negative past experiences and emotions and put in place a plan and a risk management strategy. Set your goals, make a plan, and then follow it without quitting. Initially you see a lot of people who start trading and quit too quickly, unfortunately the time they quit is the time they’re probably close to being a pretty good trader. Trading isn’t something you can pick up overnight; it takes time and practice. Sometimes it is a huge test of patience but its great having my own independence and freedom to spend time with my kids.