After 6 months I went part-time with my job to concentrate more on trading …


… eventually I gave up the day job entirely to try trading full-time


Change Career with Trading


My name’s Dan – and I’ll be running the ‘Live Trading Room’ on Tuesday mornings.


I’ve been trading for a few years now, and some of you may know my story.  For those of you who don’t, I hope that I can add value to Trading College’s coaching team, and helping you to achieve your trading goals.  I started exactly where all beginners start.


Growing up in North West Kent I wanted to be a professional golfer and had a handicap of 5 at age 14 playing junior tours.  I was Captain of my Club team. I went to the University of Kent and have a BA in History (good skill for backtesting the markets!)  But soon I felt the need to earn good money, and I fell into a career in the corporate world.


I have had an 18 year long career working in the Telecommunications industry, travelling the world, dealing with large BlueChip companies.  I’ve always thought of myself as an entrepreneur – but never quite found the right idea.  That said, I spent 3 years as a full-time Martial Arts Instructor in my late 20s; a great experience teaching something that I love to people from all walks of life, as well as travelling to China and to study.


From Property Investment to a Career in Trading


While my previous corporate career was a good one, it chose me I did not choose it and I always had the ambition to gain the freedom and energy that doing something you love brings.   I invested in property and still run that as a business, which provided a platform to enter into a new career.   I found Lee Sandford and Trading College after reading Lee’s book ‘Goals to Gold‘ as recommended to me by a friend.


At first I dabbled on an eSocial trading platform, but I had no idea what I was doing.  I quickly realised that if I was to make some money and even pursue trading as a career – I needed help.  It was apparent that (like most things in life) trading was a skill which must first be learned, then the hard work and experience would be needed to bring in the results.  After a quick perusal of the Trading College website I signed myself up for a weekend ‘Learn to Trade Live’ Course.  It was brilliant and the coaches in attendance were very helpful and encouraging.  What spoke volumes to me was that a profitable trader succeeds with a solid strategy and discipline.


Having bought the Pro Trading System and gained access to the training portal, I began to devour the material.  I was hungry for knowledge – and the secret sauce!   I’ve always been a self motivated learner and I loved that about the training portal, that you could learn at your own rate and fit it in to life’s daily chaos.  It wasn’t just reading either, videos showing live charts with Lee and the other coaches talking about strategies and set ups.  It was – and still is –  gold-dust.  I’ve also always been someone who needed a mentor, a steady hand to guide and answer those questions and I got just this with Trading College without needing to whack my chest and crow with Leonardo Dicaprio!


Swing Trading


After 2 years of swing trading I had not only made back my course costs, but also a nice additional TAX free income while still holding down the day job. Upon reviewing the results of the past year, I decided to sign up for the Pro-Trader Programme – and have not looked back.  The community in the Live Trading Room is a highlight with lots of eyes on the markets and lots of laughs also.  After 6 months I went part-time with my job to concentrate more on trading and eventually I gave up the day job entirely to try trading full-time, as well as managing my property portfolio taking the leap to full-time in November 2017.


Life as a Trader


As a trader I bounce out of bed in the morning looking forward to starting the daily routine, something I never did in my old career.  I have the ultimate flexibility and each day I can have breakfast with my kids as well as complete the school run, or sneak off for a round of Golf while my account passively grows.

My children are my main motivation for working hard and – unlike most parents I know in successful careers – I get to see them and be part of their lives.  I also have bundles of energy for them at the weekend without a commute or a boss to answer to.


I truly am grateful for what Trading College has helped me achieve. A world without a boss, a skill for life, financial freedom, flexibility and a brighter future.


My future goals are owning a Large French Chateau, a Porsche Speedster, achieving complete financial freedom and to continue only doing something I love for a living with an early retirement.

Take the First Step Toward Your New Trading Career

Lee is qualified at The Society of Technical Analysts, having passed his MSTA and CFTe with flying colours.  To see Lee and our coaches use technical analysis, you can access our Live Trading Room 5 days a week. If you’re looking to step into the world of online trading, we’d like to help. We offer both courses and mentoring opportunities to help you trade with skill and confidence. Come along to our free Learn to Trade Live one-day course to really get your foot in the door! See here for more details and to find a date near you. Registration is now open for our Pro-Trader Programme! Join now and find financial freedom like Dan has.

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