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Potential Big Move In This Market

Great Trading Week

This week has been a great week for traders as there has been fairly big volatility. On Wednesday, there was a big sell-off in Cable and there have been fairly big moves in some of the majors. In this free update professional trader and mentor, Greg Gronewald is focused on one currency pair in particular. Watch this video to find out which market it is and why Greg’s technical analysis has brought him to the conclusion that there could be a potential big move in this market. Greg uses trend lines to analyse this market and to predict what the next big move could be. We use trend lines to inform our trading choices. Learn how to draw trend lines correctly here.

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Silver Market Has Been Consolidating

It’s Time For A Breakout

Are you a fundamental or technical analyst? At Trading College, our coaches and students are technical analysts. Put simply, technical analysts look directly at charts and identify patterns that inform their trading decisions. Here are our top five reasons why we are technical analysts! In this free market update, STA qualified technical analyst Lee Sandford analyses the charts for the Silver market. In the recent past, the Silver market has been sideways and in consolidation after a major sell-off with multiple red Pro-Trading System signals. Lee analyses the charts to predict what could happen next.

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Pro-Trading System Now Available In Trading View

Exciting News!

We have some great news for you… Our Pro-Trading System is now available to be used with Trading View. Trading View offers a whole range of Cryptocurrencies for you to trade.

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£387 Profit Trade in Crude Oil

Did You Take This Trade?

Having a trading system ensures that you have the best possible chance of catching big profitable trades. At Trading College we use the Pro-Trading System (PTS). The Pro-Trading System is designed to save you time in scanning the markets for trades setting up, generating profits and it also provides an easy way for you to manage your trades better. It’s been a great start to the trading week. In this free video update, Lee Sandford, professional trader walks you through a trade in Crude Oil that is currently £387 in profit.

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353 Pips Profit On The USDCAD Trade

Pro-Trading System Results

Our Pro-Trader Programme and Mentorship students use the fantastic Pro-Trading System when trading the financial markets. This trading system is designed to save you time and help you find trade sets up quickly and efficiently. All you do is decide which of the suggested trades you want to take; the PTS does all the time-consuming work for you! Statistically, the PTS gives you the very best chance to make profits. The probabilities for making the greatest profits are worked out for you. If you would like to learn more about using The Pro-Trading System, you might be interested in this article.

In this weekend update, Lee Sandford takes a look at the Pro-Trading System results for the week. If you had been using the Pro-Trading System, you could have made 353 pips profit on the USDCAD trade. 

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Bitcoin Buy Signal

Bitcoin Market Overview

Have we got a Bitcoin buy signal? Today we look purely at Bitcoin – the weekly, daily, 4-hour, 1-hour and 15 minute timeframes. This helps us build up a better picture of what the market is doing and where it is going.

The Pro-Trading System fired a signal and we’ve seen huge moves since. The question is, when are we looking to buy? Our system works incredibly well with the crypto-markets and we’ve seen huge profits so far.

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