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Is this the end of Gold pushing lower?

Is this the end of the down move in Gold? Today we are looking at Spot Gold. This market has had an incredible move to the downside, but we are starting to see cracks for potential moves up. On the weekly timeframe we look at Fibonacci Levels combined with some...

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Easy Scanning For Trades – Free Market Update

Easy scanning for trades On this update we walk through the process of finding trades to take. This can take us seconds to do because we use a screener with our strategies. We just run the screener at the time we want to trade and we are then presented with the...

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£870 Profit in Choppy Markets

£870 profit in choppy markets After 2 weeks away on holiday Lee starts back with some healthy profits. On this video, he has some tips on trading after a break and what could help you grow your account stress-free. Join us at Learn to Trade Live by clicking here    ...

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Profit targets in the EURUSD

Profit targets in the EURUSD On this free trading video, we take a look at the profit targets on the Pro-Trading System in combination with our wave analysis. Also the stock indices are picking up in volatility so we are in for some directional moves. DAX Daily How...

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DAX is on our Radar!

DAX is on our Radar Today we are looking at the DAX. We are starting to see our Momentum indicator showing signs of momentum changing to the short side combined with the PTS Red signal, but we have not confirmed yet. We will be keeping an eye on this market for any...

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Trend Predictor Scanner brings in yet another 50+ pips

Trend Predictor Scanner brings in yet another 50+ pips... Today we are looking at Crude Oil. Last night we had our Trend Predictor buy signal on the 240min Timeframe, which could have been spotted easily using the Scanner / Screener functionality from the Chart...

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