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Stocks to Drop Again. Are You Ready?

Stocks to Drop Again. Are You Ready? We are at a very important area on the chart with the indices so we could see another round of selling soon. Currently we don't have a short signal on our systems but it could come today. On this update Lee will show you what he is...

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Unbelievable Trading Conditions

Unbelievable Trading Conditions Lee dives into the Dow trade this afternoon, why the long side trades were best to take and how you could have predicted the rally in the indices today before they did.    Join Lee tonight at 7.30pm as he explains how he made just under...

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Bored? Learn to trade for free with Lee

Bored? Learn to trade for free with Lee The markets are giving us endless opportunities whether you're long or short the markets. On this update we take a looking at why we took long trades today in the GBPUSD, EURUSD and Dax. We have also got a fantastic opportunity...

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The Craziest Trade I’ve Ever Done!

The Craziest Trade I've Ever Done! What happens when you're in a trade and it starts accelerating from £1,000 profit to £9,500 profit in minutes? On this video Lee talks about his craziest trade on the GBPUSD, where he used this particular strategy and money...

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£518, £355, £795 Student Profits

£518, £355, £795 Trading Student Profits We are in tough times everyone, so be safe. From a trading point of view it's never been a better time. The strategies we use at Trading College are bringing in big profits. On this video Lee discusses the Stock Indices and if...

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Watch Bitcoin Drop 1000 Points in 5 Minutes

Watch Bitcoin Drop 1000 Points in 5 Minutes It's been an incredible trading environment with some massive trades taking place every day in our live trading webinars. All our members with the Pro-Trading System are still having short signals which started on the 20th...

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