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Crucial Point For Indices

Crucial Point For Indices And Major Currency Pairs Head coach Federico Bustos talks about what markets are setting up and discusses the markets and strategies that we have been covering recently. Is this a crucial point for Indices and major currency pairs? If you are...

Trend vs Counter Trend Trading

The Trend Predictor Head coach Federico Bustos brings you this weekend's market update. Do you prefer to trade with the trend or counter to the trend? In this update, Federico shows you some examples and talks you through the use of the Trend Predictor System. If you...

What Is Happening with Bitcoin?

Ripple And Litecoin Potential? Today's Cryptocurrency update is delivered by experienced trader Lee Sandford. Lee delves into the Bitcoin charts and takes a look at this very important decision point for Bitcoin. Lee also takes a look at the Ethereum, Ripple and...

Trend Predictor Bringing In Profit

Wave Patterns In this update, Lee takes a look at the trades setting up and talks about why markets have certain wave patterns. If you are interested in the Trend Predictor, call us on 0203 005 4905 to talk to a course advisor and find out how you can get your hands...

80 Pips Profit During Our Mentorship Group Day

EURUSD Strategy Using The Trend Predictor Yesterday was our monthly Mentorship Group Day led by qualified technical analysts Lee Sandford and Federico Bustos. It was a great day of live trading the markets with our students. In this update, we take a look at the...

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