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Why Learn To Trade Forex?

Forex trading can provide you with an excellent income. Many people come into FX and have their own reasons why they want to trade, but mainly it’s because of the freedom it can provide. It’s possible to trade for only 1 hour a day and still make a very nice living out of it. It beats work and for some the tedious commute in the rain and cold every day. Whatever your reason we believe the Forex Market is the best place to start trading. The opportunities to make money every day or week are vast and it can be traded 24 hours a day so if you are in full time employment you could still place trades.

But there is ONE BIG reason why FX is the best place to trade and that is it’s full of untrained beginners who never get the correct education and trade the wrong way, making mistakes and getting continuously frustrated. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we need these people in the market to take money from. There are 2 camps; the trained trader camp and the untrained try to get rich quick trader camp. Which camp do you want to be in?

The great thing about trading is that anyone can do it. No matter what back ground you have anyone can set up a brokerage account and start placing trades.  Whether you want to trade before you go to work, when you get home, or even once a week at the weekend, you can fit trading around your life and still make extra income to pay for the bills, holidays, cars – whatever you wish. Once you learn how to do it right you have these skills for the rest of your life. The markets will always be here and you can trade even into your retirement. Trading College members’ are all different ages, from all different backgrounds. But they have one thing in common: they want to have the skills to become a consistently profitable trader. The Trading College Forex Foundation Course will provide you with the skills you need to start.

What is the Forex Foundation Course and how could it help you?

This is a course that is essential to your trading and will be the backbone of your trading success. Everyone needs to have foundations to start any new skill and trading is no different. Getting off to a good start trading the markets is crucial to your success and confidence. Placing trades and making consistent profits doesn’t just happen, you have to educate yourself and then you will have an excellent understanding of the Forex market. This course is for complete beginners and has everything you need to start trading the Forex market today.

We will cover in detail: Currencies, Indicators, Brokerage, Charts and much more. Getting setup correctly is essential and the people who neglect to build their foundations inevitably struggle down the line. Educate yourself and the journey will be easier. The course will offer in-depth explanations of how to set up your charts in order to easily navigate your way around them. It will include advice on who Trading College considers to be the best brokers and who you should avoid.

During the course you will also learn how to place trades with a broker;  this is an area where most people need their hand holding. It includes an informative section of how professional traders make their money and why uneducated traders never make consistent profit. You will be walked through how much risk you should place on a trade and how to work this out easily, allowing you to trade freely.

Trading College is here to help and support any new trader on their journey in Forex market. Avoid the most common pitfalls that catch 90% of traders! All you need is an open mind and a passion to be successful!

”I trade because I can make money while I’m travelling around the world

Shamini Raj (student)

”I trade because I want to get out of the rat race and work for myself”

Stuart Day

Course modules – We want you to learn at your own pace

The Introduction

  • What do you want out of trading?
  • Technicals versus Fundamental Trading
  • The different players in the Forex Market
  • The content of a Forex Chart
  • Base and Quoted Currencies
  • Bull and Bear markets
  • What is Short Selling?
  • Trading Hours so you can fit it around your life

Prices And Other Jargon

  •  Pips and Points
  • The Spread
  • Ask and the Bid
  • What is a lot?
  • Margin requirements to trade
  • What is leverage?
  • Stop Loss Orders
  • Profit targets
  • Stop Orders, Limit Orders and Market Orders

Types Of Trading Styles – What style will suit you?

  • Trend Trading
  • Counter Trend Trading
  • Range Bound Trading
  • Day Trading
  • Swing Trading
  • Option Trading
  • Investing

Chart Packages

  •  A walk through MT4 metatrader
    • How to use the charts and place trades in MT4
  • A walk through IG index charts
    • How to use the charts and place trades in IG Index
  • A walk through Tradestation
    • How to use the charts and place trades in Tradestation
  • A walk through Multicharts
    • How to use Multicharts and place trades

Risk Management

  • Calculating Risk on each trade
  • Where to place a Stop Loss Order
  • Risk reward and what does it mean
  • A traders number 1 goal
  • How a Trailing Stop helps
  • Watch for these Stop Loss mistakes
  • Automating the Stop Loss Order

Trading Indicators

  • What is a Momentum Indicator?
  • What is an Oscillator?
  • MACD
  • RSI
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Stochastics
  • Storyteller
  • Pro-OBS
  • Pro-Trading System
  • Floor Trader Pivots

Technical Analyses

  • How to define an uptrend
  • How to define a downtrend
  • Identifying range bound markets
  • How to draw trend lines
  • Spotting Triangle patterns
  • Spotting Channels
  • Support and Resistance
  • Spotting Wedges
  • Head and Shoulders

Trading Psychology

  • How emotion plays it’s role in trading
  • Professional mind-set
  • The questions you need to cover in your Trading Plan

Trade Examples


Benefits of
Online Video Training

  • Allows flexibility to learn at a time, location and pace that suits the student
  • Can be easily fitted around home, work and personal commitments
  • Allows students to organise their own schedule of training to meet their needs
  • Ensures students can take their time to understand each module fully before moving on to the next one with confidence
  • Allows time for students to make thorough notes which results in a more relaxed manner and provides a more positive learning experience
  • Online access is available 24 hours, 7 days a week allowing easy access to training around the clock and the ability to revisit any module several times to review, refresh and reinforce the learning experience
  • Great savings in time, money, transport, accommodation as well as time off work.

What Am I Going To Learn?

  • How to set up a broker account and place trades
  • Why you should be trading the forex markets
  • The big mistakes beginners make when they start trading without the education
  • Which brokers are good and not so good
  • How to identify trends
  • The 3 things every trader must learn to prevent them losing money
  • Players in the Forex Market
  • What is short selling
  • How to make money from charts that go down
  • Where to place your stop loss orders
  • Different types of entries
  • How to set up your charts:
    • how to use your chart’s drawing tools
    • how to save and back up your charts
    • how to trade from your charts
    • how to trade on a mobile device
    • how to install indicators
    • what indicators are best to use
  • Lean how to manage emotions, losses and instil good mind-set, money and risk management at all times
  • Types of trading that will suit your personality
  • How to use market limit and stop orders
  • Why you should think carefully before binary trading
  • What spread, lot and pip mean…and so much more

”My motivation for trading is to build a scalable business that doesn’t depend on anyone else”

Phil Durant (student)

”For me trading is to provide my family with a better future”

Greg Groenewald

This was a great course for learning the basics of trading and has left me hungry for strategies and market entries which is the next step. It covers the most important areas and gives you building blocks to become a trader. I will use all the information as I move forward which will make my future courses and trading so much easier now I have the basics. My main reason for continuing with the Trading College is their desire for me to become a success and this attitude comes across very strong.


Derek Semmence