Trader Of The Month – May 2018


Congratulations to Olivier, our Mentorship student for being awarded May’s Trader Of The Month! We interviewed Olivier to learn how his financial background and his passion for technical analysis, led him to successfully trade the financial markets. Trading College MD Lee Sandford chose Olivier due to his enthusiasm and engagement in the Live Trading Room. Olivier has excellent technical analysis skills resulting in great trade setups. He is always happy to share his opinion in the Live Trading Room with fellow students. We are proud to have such a  passionate and supportive student as part of our Mentorship course!


Olivier’s Financial Backgroundforex trader comes from financial risk management background

Olivier is originally from France, and after graduating from business school, he moved to the UK to look for a job in the City Of London. He has always had an interest in the financial markets. For the past 20 years, Olivier has worked in various financial institutions as a Risk Manager and in other various finance related roles. Throughout his career, he has found himself on the trading floor in a risk management capacity.

With Olivier’s keen interest in the financial sector, it was no surprise that online trading appealed to him. Working closely with city traders, combined with his knowledge of risk management and capital markets, has contributed to his success as a retail trader. Technical analysis has always been something that Olivier has been interested in. This is due to his fascination with charts, patterns, how they move and how they can predict where the price is going to go.

Olivier’s interest in charts encouraged him to learn more about technical analysis and, importantly, develop a new skill. He learned through books and online resources including tutorials, videos and, articles. Although he understood the theory, his main goal was to be able to implement what he had learned. Trading the financial markets allowed Olivier to put his technical analysis theory into action. As he began implementing it on a live screen, Olivier quickly realised that he needed a more structured approach. His aim was to be successful and find his own trading style.


From Technical Analysis To Trading

During his research, he came across a Youtube video about The Pro-Trading System from Trading College. He was curious about how this system could assist in his technical analysis. Olivier went on to attend the forex trading course for beginners, Learn To Trade Live course where he met Trading College MD Lee Sandford. He was able to discuss the various software, systems, and indicators that were available.

Olivier explains, “I was impressed by two things – firstly, the delivery was neat and very professional. Secondly, the Pro-Trading System in itself. The indicators, signals, and strategy are very user-friendly, clear and to the point. I was very impressed and knew there and then, that I would sign up for the bespoke Mentorship Programme. Trading is not the kind of thing you can do halfway. You either fully commit to it, or you don’t. During my research, I came across a lot of fluff – a lot of companies promising to make you a millionaire and making false over-the-top claims. Trading College came across quite differently – a very transparent trading education provider that taught forex training. That was refreshing. Trading is a journey so you’ve got to be equipped with the best tools and kit if you want to learn how to trade!”

technical analysis of trading charts

Trading Education

Since joining the Mentorship, Olivier’s trading and technical analysis have vastly improved. He puts this down to his education and constant practice. Trading College’s motto is ‘Anyone can trade.’ Olivier agrees but believes that you’ll need to be committed and put the work in to learn how to trade the markets. Olivier’s advice is to continually practice, then repeat, repeat, repeat! Practicing on a demo account helps to build confidence in your ability to trade the charts and price pattern, quickly and efficiently. However, nothing replaces trading on a live account. “When I first joined Trading College, I couldn’t read or interpret charts on more than one timeframe. Now I’m looking at 5 timeframes at the same time and it seems natural! I wouldn’t contemplate taking a position without looking at all of these timeframes to get a better picture!”


Olivier’s Mentorship

Olivier has been full of praise when it comes to Trading College. As his Mentorship has continued, everything has become clearer.

“Trading College offers a wealth of indicators, strategies, and the whole Pro-Trading System is extremely user-friendly! You’re able to build a picture of your trading very quickly. The education, the 1:1 trading mentoring sessions, the Monday and Wednesday webinars and the Live Trading Room are all incredibly valuable. You are constantly learning, repeating and practicing what you’ve learned. That is so beneficial. Once you move from a demo account to a live account, you can quickly lose your bearings.

My favourite part of the Mentorship is that it allows me to be part of a community of like-minded traders. I enjoy taking part in the Live Trading Room. I’m quite opinionated and sometimes even contrarian, but I like really it when other students share their opinions and advice. The Live Trading Room is a great forum which quality is as good as the sum of its parts, i.e. students’ participation. If you are wondering how to learn online trading, this is the way to go!”


Next Steps…

The next step for Olivier is to continue his journey in understanding and improving his technical analysis. As a member of the Society of Technical Analysts, he is considering becoming an STA qualified technical analyst in the future. His aim is to further build on his technical analysis knowledge.

His advice to those wanting to learn how to trade the financial market is, “Move away from those companies that tell you that you can trade and be rich straight away. You need to educate yourself. To me, it’s all about education! Education is very critical. Learn about trading psychology and self-awareness. Once you’ve done that, you can be in a position to create and define a trading plan and then implement it. Don’t forget your risk management too!”