February’s Trader Of The Month

Our Trader Of The Month, André Salt’s trading account is up by 300% since completing his course with Trading College. Join us in congratulating him for his hard work and dedication.

We interviewed André to find out more about his trading journey.


Hi André, can you tell us a bit about yourself? Trading College's Trader Of The Month

I was born in Staffordshire and raised in Stoke on Trent – also known as ‘The Potteries’ due to its history with the industry.  After leaving secondary education, I worked in the telecommunications trade. During 1999, I started my own telecommunications business. We distributed and sold wireless communication devices and the headquarters were based in New York.

During this time, I floated the business on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in New York City. After the breakdown of my then marriage, I took the decision to step down from the Board of Directors in 2006. I sold my shares during a very costly divorce. Fast forward to the present time, I am now a happily married man and father, working back in the telecommunications industry as a UK Accounts Manager. I spend most of my spare time learning to trade Forex due to my interests in the Stock Market. 


How do you fit trading around your current commitments?

During the week, I wake around 6 am, have my first coffee of the day. I then make my way to my computer ready to check the charts in time for the London Open. Also, during work days, I manage to check the charts during my lunch break preparing for the New York Open.  Finally, during some evenings, I practice my Elliott Wave counting and also Swing trade.

The weekend is family time and I often walk my dog ‘Charlie’ with the children. I love to travel and one of my favourite places to visit is Marbella. So much so, that I actually lived there for a few years and I also recently honeymooned there.


Do you trade as a hobby or for a secondary income?

At present, I enjoy trading as a hobby. Hopefully one day, in the not too distant future, trading will become a second or even my main income.  It’s my goal to become a full-time trader.


How did you first start learning how to trade?

I previously attended another training course in Manchester that was informative but only gave me the basic knowledge of trading. It did, however, make me want to learn more. I could not progress with trading from this training alone and was eager to learn more so I searched for other training providers. One that could offer me the knowledge I required to boost my confidence.  When discussing my options with numerous friends, Trading College was recommended to me.

One of my close friends ‘Robert C’ knew about my interests in trading and recommended Trading College. He also introduced me to Lee Sandford, who was a friend of his. Having met Lee for a meeting in London to discuss trading, I felt the course covered all my requirements and expectations.


How was your trading journey with Trading College?

During my Trading College course, there were weekly online sessions with various coaches. There were also sessions on scanning the markets for trades. I found this to be very informative as it was great to see how professionals set up their trades and what to look out for.  At the end of each training session, we were given time to ask any questions. I often emailed the questions to the coaches outside of these sessions and found them to be very supportive. All in all, signing up with Trading College has been the best thing for my trading so far. I believe my journey with them has only just begun.

learn to trade the financial markets to earn a secondary income


What are your favourite markets to trade and why?

Part of my trading plan was to decrease the numbers of pairs I traded by concentrating on four major currency pairs and two indices. This seems to work for me. I decided to do this so I could become more familiar with how they move and how many pips they move per trading session

I like to trade EUR/USD & GBP/ USD pairs due to their familiarity and I also trade Wall Street in the afternoons. I have now set myself a daily target as part of my trading plan. Since I completed my course with Trading College, I have had my first full month of consistent profit and my trading account is up by 300%!


300% – that’s fantastic! Aside from using the Pro-Trading System, what other factors do you believe contributed to your trading success?

My biggest success to date was trading EUR / USD & GBP / USD. Deciding to concentrate on the Major Pairs is a big factor contributing to my trading success. Before this, I was trying to take in too much information. I can now take my time to see where the major trends are going and in which direction etc. I will gradually increase the pairs I trade in the coming years with more experience. Having said all of this, I am still prone to making mistakes – counter-trend trading and just jumping in excitedly. I need to learn more self-control!

Aside from all the course material, I also watch many inspirational videos to keep me motivated with a view to success.


If you had to give any words of wisdom to anyone who is interested in learning to trade, what would it be?

The main problem I have is knowing when to stop and when to walk away. That is usually when I end up making mistakes. This is definitely, a discipline I have to work on!  Usually, I can’t wait for the sun to rise so I can check my charts. I would recommend to anyone who is serious about learning to trade, to become educated by taking a course with Trading College. Happy Trading!!

Thank you Andre for taking the time to answer all of our questions and we are pleased to hear that your trading account is up by 300%! We wish you the best in your trading journey.