EURUSD – A great short signal is at final profit target


The Pro-Trading System final profit target in this sequence is close by at 10815. A nice 169 pips profit in a trade that has lasted most of February is looking like it might bounce a little from here. If we continue to see red PTS signals on the daily, we will project the next PTS target, but we need to get below 10815. This trade signal has met its objectives.

This has been a straight forward short trade and with the PTS automated stop placement we were risking just 50 pips to make over 169 pips which is a 1-3 rick reward. These types of trades are what we want to look for and if we can get a 1-5 or 1-8 risk reward then we will no doubt grow our account. This is the risk/reward profile we want to use. Trading becomes much easier when we can let trades run over a period of a Month and not tinker to much with it.

Some traders find it hard to hang onto the trades once they are in profit, but we use the PTS trailing stop feature that locks in the profits for us at exactly the right price. Just turn on the trailing stop in the settings and it does the work for you.

So finally, this EURUSD trade has been good to us but we are at the profits targets that were projected by the PTS when we got the signal. It’s time to bank most of the money and run. We could re-enter on the next pullback if there are opportunities and of course a good risk reward.

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