Doubled his account and is still going strong!

Congratulations Rohan! Firstly, please can you tell us about yourself?

Thank you! I am originally from Sri Lanka and that’s where I met my wife in 2006 when she was over travelling. My wife is from Newcastle and after we got married in 2015, we decided to move to the UK together. We now live in London with our 18-month-old baby.

When I first arrived in the UK, I had no idea what I was going to do! I started working in a coffee shop and decided I wanted to learn how to make coffee well and how to do latte art. After training and practicing hard for two years, I entered a Latte Art competition and came second in the UK! It was after that, that I got a job working for one of the largest coffee suppliers – I teach people how to make coffee and create patterns (latte art). It’s not easy, it takes a lot of practice. When I first came to the UK, I had no idea what a cappuccino even was! Back in Sri Lanka, I worked for my dad’s tea business and I owned my own restaurant so this was quite a change for me.

Trader of the month is a coffee trainerWhat an interesting story Rohan! How do you find the time to trade around your job and family?

I manage to find time in the mornings and evenings, around work. It’s quite easy to fit it around my schedule, especially in the mornings because I don’t start work until 11. When I finish work, I come back home and analyse the markets in the evening.

What initially got you interested in trading?

One of my friends learned to trade with another company. We were talking about it and both decided to research how to trade. We attended a few free seminars but it didn’t make any sense to me. All the other companies tried to sell the whole time and I didn’t feel that I had learned much. I was still interested in trading though.

So how did you find Trading College?

I decided that I would really start researching companies that taught trading. I heard about Trading College’s Learn To Trade Live course and attended back in November 2016. It was purely educational, you get loads of information – it’s really well prepared and great value for money… it’s unbelievable! Before I went to the course, I studied a little bit so I had some idea about trading but what I learned from Lee that day was amazing! It honestly changed my life… I’m going to stick with Lee and Trading College!

My friend had attended another company’s 3-day course and had spent so much money on it. Lee covered everything my friend learned in the 3 days and more! I came out of Learn To Trade Live that day and knew I needed to open an account and start trading – I didn’t want to wait!

I then joined Trading College’s Forex Foundation course and RAS course and decided to master everything I had learned. This included the strategies before joining the Mentorship Programme. I was trading a small amount of money but I had managed to make it into a really big account. In fact, I paid for half of my Mentorship from my profits which is amazing…really great! I also like to watch all of the free webinars and market updates and read your blog. I’ve always watched all of the market updates, it gave me a great understanding of the markets – that’s how I came into Gold!

Nice. What is your New Year’s Goal?

I definitely want to be a full-time trader, that’s my ultimate goal. At the minute, I’m thinking of going part-time first. I have spoken to Lee about it and he has given me great advice on how I can do this. I will start to really consider this at the end of December – my New Year’s Goals! I’m currently watching my progress, it’s great so far. I’ve been analysing my progress for the past 3 months to evaluate when I should go part time in my job and part-time trading. I’ve already managed to reach my first trading goals, so I’m now raising them! I’ll see how trading part-time goes and then I will move to full-time trading!2018 goals

What’s the secret to your success?

Before I started Mentorship, I really followed everything from Lee and Trading College – the free market updates, emails, and articles. It made it very easy to turn a small account in a big account in a short period of time but the problem was, I was taking big risks and I wasn’t doing it properly.

It was actually when I joined the Mentorship that I really increased my trading account and kept it that way. I learned about money management and managing my emotions. Even though I had a bigger account, I still only risk 0.5% of my trading account. In the beginning, when I didn’t quite understand the strategies and was losing money, I spoke to my coach and he mentored me. You need a mentor. You will have bad days… all traders will have bad days and at first, you can find it hard to come out of it. That’s why managing your emotions is so important.  My coach taught me that I needed to choose one strategy and stick to it and become good at it. Every strategy will make money but you need to pick one and learn it and really make it your own. Once I did this, I moved on to using 2 strategies and now I use 3. I like to keep it simple, I only use 3 strategies and trade in 2 or 3 markets. That’s my advice – keep it simple.

It’s really important to understand how a market moves. I studied about Gold. I used to joke… you need to understand one market like it’s your girlfriend/wife – you know how it moves when it wants something, you need to really understand it! Once I studied one market, I moved on to other markets and started to look at correlations and I gained a better understanding. Currently, I only trade 3 markets and I wait for the right time, for my strategy to come in.  Keep it simple.

If you had any advice for other traders what would it be?

Definitely get an education. You will need an education if you want to be successful. I’d also recommend having a mentor; someone to talk to when you have emotions, someone to teach you about money management. Currently, I use what I have been learned to analyse the markets then I tune into the Mentorship Monday & Wednesday evening sessions and compare my own analysis against what Lee analyses to see if it matches. It’s great when it does! Also, have a trading plan! And remember, keep it simple!

Thank you, Rohan and good luck with your New Year’s trading goals!

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