Current Market Analysis

Today has been a great trading day! I’ve recorded a short 8 minute video taking you through the top markets I’m watching. I dive deeper into the charts, using multiple time frames to analyse numerous markets. We’ve had excellent feedback from our valued members about how important these video are to them. We’re so pleased to be helping you all with your trading. Remember, if you want to join us in the Live Trading Room you’ll need to be part of the Pro-Trader Programme.

EURUSD daily
Wave 5 looks like it has started down today. Prices should drop a below 115 at least.
Is doing the same as the EURUSD. 132 1st target on Cable.
We could still see this market roll over and get a red PTS. Nothing but long and green PTS at the moment.
Dow Daily
The Daily Trend Predictor signal pushed the price up today. Still looking like it wants to go higher.
DAX Daily
Looks like we are going into a wave 5. Or we could stall at the 76.4% B wave. Long side at the moment.
Gold Daily
Slow and non-directional. We did get a pop higher over the last few days.
Silver Daily
New buy signal on Silver but we are coming into a resistance area. Be careful around that area.
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