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Find below a full list of Trading College’s courses & products. This includes our brand new ‘pay as you go’ Pro-Trading Programme, our Mentorship Programme, our trading software and our 5* beginner courses.

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Trading Courses

Suitable for Beginner – Advanced Traders

Learn How To Make Consistent Profits:

  • Trade with professional traders, accessible to all
  • Learn during Live Trading Room, open 24 hours Mon – Fri
  • Trade alerts straght to your phone (soon to be available)
  • Join us for trade scanning sessions Monday evening
  • Learn how to trade every Wednesday with our Trading Masterclass
  • Chat with other traders and students in our 24/7 chat room
  • Support you with Q & A sessions
  • Monthly bonus of softrware, education or market insights
  • Monthly subscription, cancel at any time
  • Flexible payment options

Suitable for Beginners – Advanced

Designed to maximise results:

  • Monthly 1:1’s with your mentor via webinar
  • Pro-Trading Sytem, indicators, screeners and advanced strategies
  • Full online course for PTS users showing you how to use the system features
  • 24 hour Live Trading and Chat Room (Mon-Fri BST)
  • 2 extra education, market scanning and Q&A group learning sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings
  • Monthly group meetings (streamed for those outside London)
  • 20 extensive interactive online courses
  • Dedicated mentorship support coach

Suitable for Beginners – Advanced

Pro-Trading System with User Training Covering:

  • PTS – A powerful but simple to use off the shelf trading system
  • Full online course for PTS users showing you how to use the system features
  • Pre-recorded webinars with a professional trader teaching you all you need to know
  • Shows you how to find the best markets, how to read the markets and how to use as little time in your day as possible


Suitable for Beginners and Intermediate Traders

One day classroom financial trading training covering:

  • Charts, set up and analysis
  • Brokers, set up, choices and understanding
  • Managing your risk, keep your trading account safe and profitable
  • Trading psychology
  • Strategies, take away and use on the day!
  • Available in locations across the UK click below to find out the upcoming dates and locations


Suitable for Beginners

Online beginner course teaching you:

  • The Mechanics of Trading
  • How to understand markets
  • To read and navigate your charts
  • The psychology of trading
  • Everything you need to know about indicators
  • A fantastic online course for any beginner trader for you to go back to time and time again
  • Life time access
  • Available on any device, 24/7


Suitable for Beginners – Advanced Traders

Online course examining the roots of globalisation and the birth of modern markets.

  • The interconnections between markets from historic, current and future perspectives
  • Market jargon buster explaining concepts in a clear and concise manner
  • The role of the trader/investor psychology as individuals and as part of the wider crowd
  • Available on any device 24/7


Suitable for Beginners to Advanced Traders

Trading Options is often overlooked but can be a great way to trade the markets.

This course covers –

  • What are Options?
  • The obligations of an Options seller
  • Exercise and duration
  • Basics of Options pricing
  • Risk profiles in Options trading
  • Options strategies and models
  • A fantastic online course for anyone interested in Options trading
  • Life time access
  • Available on any device, 24/7


Trading Software

Pro-OBS Indicator


Our oscillator measures overbought and oversold prices. The green line zone represents oversold and the red overbought. If you are looking for oversold or overbought buy signals, this indicator is perfect. It is clear to understand and clearly indicates these two scenario – perfect for buying pullbacks in a trend market.

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Storyteller Indicator


This brilliant indicator signals and alerts you when a big trade is setting up. This trading indicator is used by all Trading College coaches and Mentorship students and is an integral part of their trading.

Traders need an edge in the market and getting into trades early will certainly provide you with that. The Pro-Storyteller not only identifies the start of a trade, but also the end. Our indicator has a divergences alert system built into it so you will never buy late again. This will also help you spot the start of new trends and the end of others. Combine, this with the screener and you have a very powerful trading system.

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Storyteller Screener


The Pro-Storyteller Screener works along the indicator. It does all the hard work for you by identifying when trends are about to start. It’s looking for a green dot on the zero line with a small green histogram for a long trade. This means the trend is just about to start in that direction. It will also alert you to trades settings up to the short side with a red dot  and red small histogram. There is no need to manually hunt through all your markets to find a new trade setting up. One simple click and it scans automatically and you will have results in seconds.rading system.

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