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Here are some often asked course enquires. If need further assistance please contact us.

Do you run a course near me?

We run courses weekly and monthly, and move around the UK regularly.  Most often we can be found in London, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield.  Please call the office to register your interest – and we’ll keep you informed of dates near you.

What if I live outside of the UK?

We offer online courses, making learning accessible from further afield.    For those students signing up to one-to-one sessions with coaches, these sessions are frequently run online.   Webinars are recorded, and recordings made available for those unable to work with our timetable.  Please note that for those living outside of the UK, with no UK address there may be tax and VAT implications to consider.

Is everything online?

We do offer courses that are fully online.  However there are also alternative options for those who like to learn face-to-face.  From our experience, the best option may be a mix of both, enabling some classroom-based learning, whilst also retaining access to an online portal with its 100s of online videos.


If you sign up to one-to-one mentoring sessions with a coach, these too can be provided online.  Technical set up and any trouble shooting can be managed remotely too.

I prefer face-to-face learning, what’s available?


Our Pro Trader Programme can be purchased with added Group Days.  You’d get four days of face-to-face trader education per year, and these are Group Meetings for tuition at a business hotel or conference centre.

Our Mentorship Programme offers one-to-one sessions twice a month with your trading coach, which can be held at our offices if you wish, as well as monthly Group Meetings.

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