Bot Walk-Through

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We currently have 3 Strategies to test and use. The Momentum Trigger, Level 1 and 2 and 2 Wave

Option 1 - 1 Strategy

Option 2 - All 3 Strategies

The Bot contains our trading strategies. Signals are triggered when certain conditions or criteria are set. The conditions and criteria are built, set and controlled by the student.

The student sets their own risk parameters, own entry, own stop levels, own time-frames etc. A key feature is the back testing of strategies, which is time consuming work. The removal of manual back testing to check the effectiveness of a strategy before deploying is a big benefit.

Summary of key features:

– Ability to see back-test data relating to Trading College strategies by looking at 10 years of historical data

– Shows percentage of past winning trades per strategy

– Ability to make informed decisions, prior to trading, through quick and user-friendly data analysis

– Ability to set and control risk parameters, entries and stop levels and time frames to generate signals sent to the students’ mobile phone

 For educational and data analysis purposes only. This service is not to be used as a buy / sell alerts service.