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Learning to trade with beginner trading courses

Everyone was a beginner trader once!

There’s so much content available online to help you learn how to trade the markets but how do you put it all together, and how do you know what to trust?

You can watch YouTube videos and read books on trading until you’re blue in the face, but will it make you a successful trader? The short answer, is no. Although there will always be a few people who can understand trading with little to no real education, this is not the norm, most people will benefit by learning trading from an expert.

Experienced traders teach our beginner courses

For nearly ten years we have been teaching beginner traders from all walks of life how to trade the markets. We are transparent, supportive and want you to succeed.

Beginner Trading Courses

We want you to be successful in learning to trade, not just for now, but forever.

We are currently teaching our beginner courses in trading, to stay-at-home mums (and dads), taxi drivers, IT workers, teachers, retirees, university graduates, ex-professional athletes, hotel managers and more…

We have always believed that ‘anyone can trade’ and we have proved that with our beginner trading classes, time and time again…

So, what do you need to do to be a successful trader?


A trading course for beginners, carefully designed to teach you trading foundations, terminology and concepts.


Past beginner trader level and want to see professional traders trading live with technical analysis?


If you have no or little experience trading it is important to understand the foundations of trading and to learn what trading is, the tools you need to trade and how you can fit trading around your current commitments. We have two theory-based beginner trading courses. Our classroom beginner trader course Learn to Trade Live and one online trading course, Apprentice Trader. Both trading courses covering Forex, Comoodities and Stocks, will set you up perfectly for when you are ready to start trading live and put your theory into practice. Becoming a successful retail trader is all about having confidence in your own trading ability, which is why educating yourself is vital to your success and earning potential. Both courses will set you on the right path to becoming a confident trader opening up opportunities that just aren’t available to most with a 9-5 job.

Suitable for Beginners and Intermediate Traders

One day classroom financial trading course:

  • Charts, set up and analysis
  • Brokers, set up, choices and understanding
  • Managing your risk, keep your trading account safe and profitable
  • Trading psychology
  • Strategies, take away and use on the day!
  • Available in locations across the UK
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Suitable for Beginners

Our online beginner course will teach you:

  • The mechanics of trading
  • How to understand markets
  • To read and navigate your charts
  • The psychology of trading
  • Everything you need to know about indicators
  • A fantastic online course for any beginner trader with life time access
  • Available 24/7 on all devices



If you have the foundations covered, then the next step is to build up your confidence to start trading. Our live trading room is the perfect place for you to increase your trading skills with professional traders, see them trading live and build up your understanding of the markets.

This is where our community of traders gather each day to discuss markets, trades, alerts and education. We have two simple options –

1. Pro-Trader Programme,

2. Mentorship Programme.

This is when your learning takes a step up and trading the markets succesfully is within your reach.

Suitable for Beginner – Advanced Traders

Pay as you go learning designed to:

  • Teach you to trade with professional traders, accessible to all
  • Learn during Live Trading Room, open 24 hours Mon – Fri
  • Trade alerts
  • Join us for group education sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings
  • Designed to help you earn whilst you learn
  • Show you how to scan the markets, place trades and analyse the markets
  • Support you with Q & A sessions and monthly bonus training

Suitable for Beginners – Advanced Traders

Our Mentorship Programme, designed to maximise our student’s learning:

  • Monthly 1:1’s with your mentor via webinar or face to face
  • Pro-Trading System, indicators, screeners and advanced strategies
  • 24 hour Live Trading and Chat Room (Mon-Fri BST)
  • 2 education, market scanning and Q&A group learning 
  • Monthly group meetings (streamed for those outside London)
  • Bespoke Learning Path created by your mentor
  • Dedicated mentorship support coach