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How To Scale Into And Build Trading Positions

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Build Confidence By Having Consistent Winning Trades


When it comes to trading everyone is looking for the best conversion of winning trades to make continued profits in their account. Many fail to do this. Fear and greed drive the markets and if you, like many others, get overconfident because of a few winning trades this is when your account is most at risk.

What percentage of winning trades are you getting? If you are falling short of what you want, maybe its time to take a look at yourself and how you trade and ask what it is you need to achieve your goals and targets.

Most people get taught to buy at price with  stop loss and a profit target. That’s fine for some but while you’re learning you sometimes make mistakes, lose confidence and trade erratically. Building positional trades can prevent you from having losing trades. No strategy is 100% profitable but if you learn how to scale into and out of trades you can really take your trading to another level. Lee uses this style of trading and many other professional traders do the same.

If you follow this style of trading correctly you will have more winning trades than losing trades. It’s powerful stuff.




How Does This Work?


What sort of risk can you afford to place on a trade? Do you even work out your risk and money management? When you place the trade do you go all in on the position and cross your fingers it goes in the direction you need it to? What happens if it goes against you? Panic and stress? This is why this strategy works so well and can mean you rarely get a losing trade again.

You will learn how to manage the risk even if the trade goes against you. How to place the trade at a price when it is heading in the opposite direction. Not to risk your whole position in one go. It will educate you on how to get a better price on entry plus lots more that will allow you to grow your account consistently.


This is the first time this program has been made available to the public, such is the strength of this strategy and you could be one of the first people to take advantage of this powerful on-line course. So don’t wait for another disappointing month of results, sign up to the brand new Base Trading Program now.






Benefits of Online Video Training

  • Allows flexibility to learn at a time, location of choice and pace that suits the student
  • Can be easily fitted around home, work and personal commitments
  • Allows students to organise their own schedule of training to meet their needs
  • Ensures students can take their time to understand each module fully before moving on to the next one with confidence
  • Allows time for students to make thorough notes which results in a more relaxed manner and provides a more positive learning experience
  • Online access is available 24 hours, 7 days a week allowing easy access to training around the clock and the ability to revisit any module several times to review, refresh and reinforce the learning experience
  • Great savings in time, money, transport, accommodation as well as time off work.

What will you learn (plus much more)

  • How to think like a pro-trader
  • How to manage the risk even if the trade goes against you
  • How to place the trade at a price when it is heading in the opposite direction
  • How not to risk your whole position in one go
  • How to scan for trade set ups
  • Separation strategy
  • Working with your broker
  • Stop placements


£1,997 + vat

comprehensive on-line trading training course