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Pro-Trading System Results February 2019

Here are the results from the latest Pro-Trading System signals. It’s been a great few weeks in the British Pound as every trade has been profitable sizable amounts. GBPUSD 226 Pips in 8 trading days GBPAUD 420 Pips Profit also in 8 days GBPNZD is 451 in 7 trading...

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Trading Plan For Beginners

Why is a trading plan is essential for success? Struggling to decide what makes the perfect forex trading plan? Curious to know how to produce the right trading plan for beginners?One of the first things our students ask about is how to get their trading plan right...

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Successful Forex Strategies Explained

One of the best ways to cultivate success during trading is with the use of a strategy that you can trust.  Since most traders who are starting out are most likely to begin their journey in Forex (FX) trading, we are going to use this blog to share four of the most...

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How to become a better trader

The trading world is constantly moving, so it’s never a good idea to rest on your laurels. There are always ways to improve, whether it’s your strategy, your mentality or your industry knowledge. In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the different...

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Three Types of Analysis

Three Types of Analysis To enhance results, you are going to need to be able to appropriately analyse the market. This usually involves taking a wider view of economic trends. Effective market analysis begins by paying attention to the situations in one country and...

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Pro-Trading System Signals and Results January 2019

So here we look at the Pro Trading System latest trading results and signals which you can see in the P&L section. This is the pips profit. If it is red, it's currently in a losing trade and if it is green it is making a nice profit.  For example, the USDJPY is...

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Why your last trade should not matter that much!

How should traders think? When someone starts their trading journey, they need to start to think in probabilities, which is a challenge for some people as it is not something that we as humans do daily. This means that traders need to start to think differently when...

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FTSE £744 Profit Day Trade

Having an edge in the market is crucial to our day and swing trading. On this trade in the FTSE I had that edge by using the 4-hour time frame of the Pro-Trading System. The system was green and starting to rise in momentum. If you think that a 4 hour chart could push...

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Free Trading Videos

200 Points Profit Strategy

200 Points Profit Strategy Lee walks through the trade setup and strategy he took with his students last night at 9 pm in the Weekly masterclass session. This is your chance to get some education and see what happens every Wednesday in our coaching session. He also...

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Why Lee decided to bank £2,109 Profit Yesterday

Why Lee decided to bank £2,109 Profit Yesterday In this update, we look at the last 2 days of trading and how Lee traded the big gap down in the Dow and Dax Sunday evening. We also look at some further profits targets in the indices which could be met this week. We...

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DAX update January 21st + Free Webinar this Evening

DAX update January 21st + Free Webinar this Evening We continue our early morning update on the DAX , you can do this trading strategy before you start work at 9am. This morning was straight forward with one student making 44 points before 8.19am. That would be £440...

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