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Why your last trade should not matter that much!

How should traders think? When someone starts their trading journey, they need to start to think in probabilities, which is a challenge for some people as it is not something that we as humans do daily. This means that traders need to start to think differently when...

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FTSE £744 Profit Day Trade

Having an edge in the market is crucial to our day and swing trading. On this trade in the FTSE I had that edge by using the 4-hour time frame of the Pro-Trading System. The system was green and starting to rise in momentum. If you think that a 4 hour chart could push...

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5 Rules to be a Successful Trader

As traders, we must follow rules in order to be able to become successful and make a living from trading the financial markets. This might seem like a daunting task when you start off with your trading journey, but like everything in life that is worthwhile, if you...

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AUDCAD Market Analysis

By looking at charts of financial instruments we are using our technical analysis skills in conjunction with our modern day systems and indicators to provide us, as traders, with an edge in the market. On the AUDCAD we can see we had a very nice Pro-Trading System...

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Trading Without Emotion

You know your trading strategy, you have your trading plan, you know what you should do, yet you take the losing trade and go against everything you had previously planned. Why? Why do some traders find it difficult to stick to a disciplined approach? Well, the simple...

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GBPUSD Market Analysis

On the GBPUSD you can see that we had a very nice short signal at 1.3112, and the price has continued to drop hitting targets of 1.2916 with another target of 1.2648 sitting just below the August 14th reversal area. Using the Pro-Trading System we can predict where...

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Online Trading For Beginners – Getting Started

If you’re looking for a way to make some money outside your regular job hours, trading on the stock or forex markets online may be the way to go.  With online trading, there are several benefits including – the ability to work flexibly, the ability to work...

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How to deal with losses while trading

No matter how well you learn how to trade and how successful your strategies are, there will always be times when things don’t quite go the way you wanted or predicted, and you will lose a trade. This happens to everyone – completely new traders and...

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Free Trading Videos

My Trade Routine Brings in £1170 Profit Overnight

My Trade Routine Brings in £1170 Profit Overnight If you couldn't make last nights webinar on my 5 step trade routine then you missed some great information. However, in this video, I'll show you the trade I took using our scanners and the profits it brought in. It...

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£1,980 Profit Trade Strategy

£1,980 Profit Trade Strategy On this update, we take a look at Fridays trade strategies and how I made £1,980 profit whilst on the golf course. Get yourself a hobby and you might make more money trading.       Next Live Webinar Earn £200 before work with the Morning...

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PTS Gave Us Heads Up For Big Moves In Yen Pairs

PTS gave us heads up for big moves in Yen pairs On this update, we take a look at how the PTS got us positioned to be in the trades for Yen pairs, before these pairs started plummeting       Next Live Webinar Earn £200 before work with the Morning Move Strategy Learn...

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