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AUDCAD Market Analysis

By looking at charts of financial instruments we are using our technical analysis skills in conjunction with our modern day systems and indicators to provide us, as traders, with an edge in the market. On the AUDCAD we can see we had a very nice Pro-Trading System...

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Trading Without Emotion

You know your trading strategy, you have your trading plan, you know what you should do, yet you take the losing trade and go against everything you had previously planned. Why? Why do some traders find it difficult to stick to a disciplined approach? Well, the simple...

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GBPUSD Market Analysis

On the GBPUSD you can see that we had a very nice short signal at 1.3112, and the price has continued to drop hitting targets of 1.2916 with another target of 1.2648 sitting just below the August 14th reversal area. Using the Pro-Trading System we can predict where...

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Online Trading For Beginners – Getting Started

If you’re looking for a way to make some money outside your regular job hours, trading on the stock or forex markets online may be the way to go.  With online trading, there are several benefits including – the ability to work flexibly, the ability to work...

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How to deal with losses while trading

No matter how well you learn how to trade and how successful your strategies are, there will always be times when things don’t quite go the way you wanted or predicted, and you will lose a trade. This happens to everyone – completely new traders and...

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Pro-Trading System Results October 2018

On this update, we take a look at the Pro-Trading System trade signals from late September to early October. Keeping your trading simple can lead to excellent trading profits and...

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How to Start Day Trading in Five Steps

While day trading can be a great way to make some extra cash or even earn a living, it’s not something you can simply jump into. Without the proper practice and groundwork, it can be tough to get your initial efforts off the ground. Here are five steps you...

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Forex Trading for Beginners – Five things you must know

The world of Forex trading can be very tempting, especially since an average of $5 trillion is traded every single day on the global market. Having said that, it’s easy to feel out of your depth if you try to get involved in Forex trading before you...

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Free Trading Videos

Why Trade The DAX Long This Week

Why trade the DAX long this week Are you someone missing big direction trades or losing confidence in your trading? On this video Lee says it as it is and explains the reason why trades to the long side these last few days were predicted at the weekend and planned.  ...

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The Markets Got Rained On Yesterday

The Markets Got Rained On Yesterday On this update you see a happy Lee because it's been another great trading week, but also an unhappy Lee because rain has stopped play this Friday. Take a look as Lee dissects the 4 hours charts of the DAX, FTSE and Gold and what to...

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These Big Trades Are Setting Up

These Big Trades Are Setting Up On this update Lee does a bigger picture update and looks into the key trends developing across the main markets.       Next Live Webinar Defining Targets and Reaping Profits with the PTS Learn how to quit your job and become a day...

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