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How to Start Day Trading in Five Simple Steps

Day trading can be a great way to establish a tax-free second income or even to earn enough cash each month for you to finally pack in the drudgery of your day job. However, jumping into the markets blind is a sure-fire way to get financially burned. Without doing the...

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Surge In Foreign Brokers Defrauding UK Residents

A new report by Barclays Bank shows a 66% rise in investment fraud over the first half of 2020 (compared to the last 6 months of 2019) as fraudsters took advantage of UK residents’ growing concerns over the ongoing recession, the potential of a no-deal Brexit and...

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A walk-through of my £30k Trade Profit on the DAX

Today we're going to take a quick look at this DAX trade that's been progressing over the last several days here in this short signal on the Pro-Trading System, Trading College’s signature signal trading software. I'm actually about to actually hit £31,000 in profits...

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Domino’s Pizza – Fancy a Slice?

The share price of Dominos has been in focus recently as the up trend is about to hit the previous resistance. During lockdown and the social restrictions that followed it seems that the public have had a huge appetite for both pizza and a slice of the company’s...

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Is The Tesla Rally Over?

Wow, it sure has been some ride! Telsa stock has rocketed higher than an interstellar, cherry-red roadster and fast become a Wall Street favourite. For a company that doesn’t produce that many cars, the market cap is now even bigger than the likes of Ford, Nissan and...

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Bullish moves in the US equities

Bullish Moves in the US equities In this video, Raj has a look at the recent bullish move in the US equities space. In particular, the Nasdaq has been moving nicely, but how do you capture profits in a move like this?   Join Lee tonight at 7.30pm as he explains how he...

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This Mornings DAX trades

This Morning's DAX Trades It was a clean day trading session on the Dax this morning with over 100 points generated. On this update, we take a look at why we took the long trade signal only and why we ignore the red short signals.   Join Lee tonight at 7.30pm as he...

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Trend Predictor Trading Strategy

Trend Predictor Trading Strategy This morning, Trading College's experienced traders are continuing their already good start to the week. On this Trading Update, Lee walks you through his first trade of the day and the strategy that he's following. There's no need to...

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