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How To Become A Trader & Be Successful- The 6 Step Process

  In today's day and age, everything is about performance and being successful in life (our jobs, our marriage, our friendships etc). We have people like Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Brendon Burchard and numerous others who are high performance coaches, writing...

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What is spread betting and how can I do it?

We talk about spread betting quite a bit here at Trading College, but if you’re new to trading you may ask “what is spread betting”? There are some great benefits to spread betting, and it can be a very profitable way of trading foreign exchange, commodities, stocks...

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The Pro-Trading System Trades March 2020

 Pro-Trading System Trades up to 2nd March In the P&L column on the right if it's a green number it's making that amount of pips (points). If it's red it's losing that amount. So, for example the top one is the AUDCAD and the PTS gave a short signal 16 days ago...

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How does psychology impact trading?

How does psychology impact trading? There are a number of factors that distinguish successful traders from the rest: experience on the markets, a tried and tested strategy, and an awareness of their own psyche. Developing the latter is not something that just happens...

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10 Habits of Successful Traders

10 Habits of highly successful traders 1. Successful traders have total belief and faith in their strategy They never move away from their setups or money management. There not always looking for the next best indicator or setup. They have found what works and they...

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The Pro-Trading System Trades 2019

Just a few of the Pro-Trading System Trades in 2019 It’s nearly the end of the year and so it’s time to look at some of the swing trades from 2019. Before we do, I would personally like to wish you a Happy New Year and I hope 2020 will be a profitable one for you....

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Day Trading Strategies: The Mighty Momentum Trigger

  What Is The Mighty Momentum Trigger Trading Strategy?One of my favourite and go to strategies for day trading the markets is the Momentum Trigger. Its simplicity and process make it truly 'mighty' for any trader that is struggling to make a profit. A simple...

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£934 Profit With The Pro-Trading System

 Pro-Trading System I'm going to talk about a currency pair that I think is going to have a nice run again starting today. But before we do that, I'm going to just go through the Pro-Trading System results on the weekly charts. On the left-hand side are the currency...

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Free Trading Videos

Unbelievable Trading Conditions

Unbelievable Trading Conditions Lee dives into the Dow trade this afternoon, why the long side trades were best to take and how you could have predicted the rally in the indices today before they did.    Join Lee tonight at 7.30pm as he explains how he made just under...

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Bored? Learn to trade for free with Lee

Bored? Learn to trade for free with Lee The markets are giving us endless opportunities whether you're long or short the markets. On this update we take a looking at why we took long trades today in the GBPUSD, EURUSD and Dax. We have also got a fantastic opportunity...

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The Craziest Trade I’ve Ever Done!

The Craziest Trade I've Ever Done! What happens when you're in a trade and it starts accelerating from £1,000 profit to £9,500 profit in minutes? On this video Lee talks about his craziest trade on the GBPUSD, where he used this particular strategy and money...

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