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How To Read A Candlestick Chart

Candlesticks…What Are They? Candlesticks have been used to display price charts for a long time, dating back many centuries. History records candlestick charts first being used by the Japanese in their rice markets back in the 1600s and they became popular in the...

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Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes When Trading the Markets

Learning to trade can be a fun and interesting process but all that information flooding towards you can all too often seem very daunting. The human brain has a fairly limited processing capacity (some more than others) and when you overload your brain it is easy to...

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Understanding Our Habits

Habits make up a significant proportion of everyone’s daily lives, often without us even realising it. Habits are quite simply patterns or behaviours repeated over time, day after day, until they become second-nature to our subconscious. It’s thought that our brains...

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What Is A Spread Betting Account?

When you’re brand-new to trading, one of the first big questions you might ask yourself, particularly when opening a new account with a broker, is “What the heck is spread betting?” You can kind of remember the names of the major stock exchanges, have just about...

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How To Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Forget therapy. Ignore meditation. Move aside past life regression hypnosis. If you really want to get to know what mental skeletons are lurking in the closets of your subconscious, just try trading the markets. Whether you’re aware of it or not, the lure of...

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6 Tricks To Get Into A Positive Trading Mindset

PMA, Positive Mental Attitude, Believe and Achieve; call it what you will, the power of positive thinking is a much-hyped concept that can often feel more than a little cliché. However, cut through the more woo-woo literature and you’d be surprised at the hard science...

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Should Education Be Mandatory Before Trading?

This week I read in the news the tragic story of a young trader who didn’t fully understand options trading before creating an account with Robinhood. According to the lawsuit the beginner trader incorrectly believed or possibly had miscommunicated to him, that an...

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Free Trading Videos

When Not to Trade with The Trend

When Not to Trade With The Trend As traders we all know that it's good practice to trade with the trend whether it's long or short. But there comes a time when the trend is about to reverse and you don't want to get caught up on the wrong side of the trade. Lee has...

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A Great Trading Strategy

A Great Trading Strategy - Momentum Strategy  In this video update, Lee talks about one of his favourite trading strategies and how you could learn to use it on this big trade today.    Join Lee tonight at 7.30pm as he explains how he made just under £10,000 in 2 days...

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EURUSD Trades Walk Through

EURUSD Trades Walk-Through  Several EURO trades have been easy to profit from this week because our software, the Pro-Trading System, has all the tools needed to spot major trends or reversals coming over the horizon. On this market update, Lee walks you through these...

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