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The Difference Between Winners and Losers

This week we are diving into psychology again and looking at the mindset needed to win in trading. We asked Head of Trading College, Lee Sandford, to share with us the main differences between “winners” and losers”. He had some surprising answers.   Firstly, Lee,...

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8th August Trade Updates

Last week on our Pro-Trader Programme we had a plan to short the GBPJPY and now we are in profit 100 pips. Lets look at some other trades we discussed on our webinars. One of the markets we have been looking at on our weekly Pro-Trader Programme Webinars...

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Trader Of The Month: August

August’s Trader of the Month is Naeem Vance. Congratulations, Naeem! The coaches chose Naeem because in the six months since starting his Mentorship Programme, he has tripled his trading account! We asked him how he did it. Naeem is...

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7 Traits Of A Successful Trader

This week we’re going to look closely at the psychology of being a successful trader and identify the character traits that are necessary to maximise your profits. At Trading College one of our mottos is, “ANYONE CAN TRADE.” While this is true, there are...

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Five Advantages Of Financial Freedom

  Many people confuse financial freedom with financial independence or simply being very wealthy. At Trading College, we define financial freedom as having the freedom to choose how and when you work, and having the confidence that you can pay your...

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Improving Your Swing

  This week we spoke to Lee Sandford about one of his greatest passions... golf! We asked him about the parallels between golf and trading (after all, both inevitably involve some swinging!) I discovered golf when I was about 12 and started hitting a...

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Swing Trading And Travelling

With summer upon us, now is the perfect time to talk about how easily you can fit trading into your travel plans. For many, trading is also the perfect way to pay for those extra holidays and maybe even try out some more exotic locations. Let your passion...

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Trader Of The Month: July

      David was born in the North East of Scotland and, apart from spending a few years in France after early retirement from the police force, has lived there all his life. David went through a few career changes before joining the police force....

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News Piece: Trading Stability In An Unstable World

TRADING STABILITY IN AN UNSTABLE WORLD   In the aftermath of an unexpectedly shaky General Election, a highly politicized tragedy in the Grenfell Tower fire and the start of Brexit talks in Brussels, we asked Lee Sandford for his advice to retail traders in such...

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