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Understanding Trading: A Beginner’s Guide

  Understanding Trading: A Beginner’s GuideWhat is technical analysis? First and foremost, you want to become familiar with the method of trading that’s used by so many traders, from beginners to advanced. It’s the type of trading we use at Trading College and...

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Day Trading Strategies: The Mighty Momentum Trigger

  What Is The Mighty Momentum Trigger Trading Strategy?One of my favourite and go to strategies for day trading the markets is the Momentum Trigger. Its simplicity and process make it truly 'mighty' for any trader that is struggling to make a profit. A simple...

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How to Trade Stocks and Invest During a Recession

As many seasoned traders know, events in the financial markets are correlated and blend together.  Some traders choose only to trade certain markets (like Forex) and miss opportunities in other asset classes. This could mean that as a trader or investor, you are...

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Why Use a Trading Coach?

Trading is something many people aspire to do, yet not everyone is successful at. As with many things in life, to become successful it is best to learn from those who have already walked the path you’re venturing down and can pass on valuable insight. One of the best...

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Trade From The Comfort of Your Home

With Coronavirus causing havoc around the globe and the UK now officially in “lockdown”, many people are now working from home or are finding themselves with a lot of free time. If you’re working from home for the first time, you may find yourself a little disoriented...

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How To Become A Trader – Use These 6 Steps To Sucess

  In today's day and age, everything is about performance and being successful in life (our jobs, our marriage, our friendships etc). We have people like Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Brendon Burchard and numerous others who are high performance coaches, writing...

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What is spread betting and how can I do it?

We talk about spread betting quite a bit here at Trading College, but if you’re new to trading you may ask “what is spread betting”? There are some great benefits to spread betting, and it can be a very profitable way of trading foreign exchange, commodities, stocks...

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Free Trading Videos

Review of stock sell off?

Free Market Update In this update, Raj takes you through the current sell off in the FTSE 100, DAX and Nasdaq. There are some key earnings releases today and some of the FX pairs have been affected. GBP is holding up well today and the old PTS targets have been...

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Indices Still Bullish

Indices still bullish On this update, we do a simple analysis of the indices. Keep it simple we say.   Join Lee tonight at 7.30pm as he explains how he made just under £10,000 in 2 days last week.Limited registration available - You don't want to miss this!Learn how...

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Key Reversal Areas

Today's Trading Can you spot key reversal areas on a chart for trading opportunities? On this video, we walk you through the Dax trade for a handsome profit.   Join Lee tonight at 7.30pm as he explains how he made just under £10,000 in 2 days last week.Limited...

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