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For almost 10 years we have taught many, many people across the globe how to trade successfully. Our BRAND NEW membership is better than ever, with access to the latest market updates, our Live Trading Room, Scan Club, exclusive webinars and trading videos.

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Every week Members will have access to our latest trading education videos. As part of membership you will have the ability to learn how to trade from our professional traders and coaches.

Trading College’s main aim is to educate. We believe you become a better, more successful trader by learning the strategies and empowering yourself through education.

Our membership is designed to give you up to date information for your trading. Our courses are designed to educate and teach you to trade to your best potential.

After joining our membership you will be waiting avidly every Tuesday, Thursday and weekend for our market updates which are sent directly to your inbox.  Our top coaches share their knowledge with you, analysing the charts of Forex pairs, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, US Dollar, FTSE 100, DAX and US Stock Indices so you’re on the right side of major trends.  They’ll also share trade ideas and show you how they are managing trades already placed.


You’ll have access to our Live Trading Room, where you can see our coaches trading their live accounts Monday to Thursday. Join us for Scan Club every Monday to scan the markets for trades.


Start your trading education with our Apprentice Trader Course and Traders Mindset Webinar. Both are designed to kickstart your trading, covering trading basics and introducing you to how your mindset can affect your success as a trader.

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7 day free trial

then £97/month