I’m so sorry I have a technicle issue this even at scan club and the sound from the recording didn’t come out. My PC got rebuilt Friday and the sound files for the chat room software hasn’t been downloaded.
However, I have saved you some time as here is our watchlist for this week. Don’t forget the risk warning and please manage risk at all times.

Lead Tredning higher
AUDNZD looking for PTS long signal
EURUSD from last week
Ripple no movement
Coffee big monthly momentum for longs
German Dax 2 Wave short daily
EURCAD red PTS continuation
GBPJPY still long green PTS
GBPNZD might be setting up a Blue Whale long. Watching for daily green PTS
Zinc long trend
EURAUD still red PTS daily but qwe may see a 2 wave reversal in a few days

Don’t forget your deadline for your trading plan is this Friday (check out masterclass recording¬† last Wednesday). Let Ben know in the chat room you’ve done it and anyone who would like me to look through it in another masterclass just send it over. Bye for now.

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