Our common goal as traders is to be successful in making consistent profits. Incorporating a trading routine with regular practices is a powerful way of ensuring you are on track with achieving your trading goals. Don’t approach trading with the ‘get rich quick’ attitude, instead adjust your approach to one consisting of continuous improvement and training. Having a solid daily routine helps you to stay on track and achieve your goals in every aspect of life!

We recommend adopting certain practices into your morning routine to kick-start your trading day and increase productivity. Following these practices can build your confidence, create strong physical and mental wellbeing, and increase alertness, all of which benefits your trading. Develop a morning routine that works for you and builds yourself up Start Your Day for a good day of trading, and a good day in general!

Starting your day with routine can significantly improve your trading by:

    • Helping to manage stress and strengthen your mindset – Emotion is a big factor that can influence your trading. Strengthening your mindset will reduce stress and enable you to make better trading decisions.
    • Increasing your focus and drive to meet your trading goals – Increasing your focus and attention span will allow you to place better trades and become a better trader.
    • Promoting confidence and encouraging the right mindset- When you have more confidence, you will trust in your ability and strategy and consistently see profitable results.

We recommend these starting your day with these five practices:

1. Exercise

Image of People Exercising- healthy practiceIf you can, try to get your body moving every morning. Any physical activity can significantly increase your productivity and alertness. Go for a walk, workout or even do some yoga! Physical activity stimulates the release of feel-good hormones and increases your overall energy for the day.  It aids in decreasing stress hormones and therefore helps you to feel more relaxed. Exercise is also scientifically proven to sharpen your cognition and improve your sleeping, allowing you to have plenty of rest for your trading day ahead. Overall, exercising keeps you mentally and physically alert, reduces stress and provides emotional balance and as we all know emotion is a trader’s worst enemy!  Get up and get your body moving!

2. Focus on Wellness

We believe that your mindset can determine your trading success. You need to be in the correct mindset to become a good trader; you could have the best strategy but if you don’t have the right mindset to execute it, you won’t make money. As a trader, we are not only responding to the market, we are also responding to our beliefs, perceptions, expectations, thought and our fears.Wellness and Meditation - Healthy practice

One way of aiding your mental wellbeing is through meditation and if that sounds too intimidating, ‘quiet time’. Take some time to sit and relax in silence and focus on your breathing. The aim is to declutter your mind and become mentally prepared for your trading day ahead. Try to avoid any distractions and avoid thinking about the markets. The benefits of ‘quiet time’ include increased calmness, a reduction in the ‘noise’ of the mind, improving confidence and becoming less affected by emotions.

3. Healthy Eating

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again- breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Get a healthy breakfast inside you. Eating breakfast provides you witImage For Healthy Eating And Breakfast foodh essential fuel for a productive trading day. Many of us start our day with a cup of tea or coffee but make sure you eat nutritious foods too. Eating breakfast restores glucose levels that are essential for the brain to function and provides our bodies with essential nutrients to keep up energy levels.  Ensure your memory and concentration levels are high while trading.

4. Create A List Of Goals

Those who write down their goals accomplish significantly more than those who do not. Writing a list of your short-term goals for the day or week is an easy way to increase your productivity.  Writing lists provides structure to help you work towards and take better control of your goals. Every morning, write a list of your short-term trading goals to improve time management. Incorporate this into your morning routine to stay focused on your long-term trading goals.Setting Goals

5. Prepare for your trades

Prior to starting your trading day, eliminate as many distractions as possible, clear your desk from clutter and check your emails so you don’t have to worry about them later. Once you’ve removed all distractions, it’s time to focus on your trading. This is your time to catch up with overnight news including global and economic news that might affect the market or could affect volatility. Next, take a look at your trading charts and scan the market.

Coach Federico Bustos talks us through his morning routine, “The first point in my day that I look at my trading charts is around 8 am. I don’t trade the opening markets. If I did, I’d be looking at my charts by 7 am. First I scan all the markets to see which ones have the best trends. I’m looking for where my strategies are setting up. If I find a level I like, I will enter a trade, or I will let my indicators tell me which trades to enter. I’m always looking at my charts until 11 am when I run the Trading College Live Trading Room.”

Choose to start your day right and reap the benefits of a successful trading day, every day!