£400 Profits in the Forex Early Morning Moves

Early Morning Moves Video Diary Day 4

Every day this week we have been posting a short video from Lee. Today Lee made £400 profits in the Forex early morning moves. Lee has been showing you how he uses simple trading strategies to making money in the early morning moves. To simplify it, Lee has only been talking about one trade he placed each morning and has been revisiting the same market each day. There are of course plenty of other opportunities out there for morning trades, as Lee will explain in the webinar on Monday.

  • On Monday, Lee placed one trade and made £200 profits.
  • On Tuesday, Lee placed one more trade banking £110 profit.
  • Lee placed one more trade on Wednesday morning and made £380 profit.

This equalled £690 profit from just three trades.

That is an extra £690 tax-free profits for Lee, all before 9am.

Today’s trade was in the GBPUSD market, and made Lee a further £400 profit…. now taking his total to £1090.

Watch the video below to see the trading strategy Lee followed to bank these profits.

Do you want to make trading profits before you go to work? Learn directly from Lee in the webinar next Monday. Lee will be going live at 8pm on Monday 21st May 2018. We can only accept 500 people in our webinars and places are going quickly! To ensure you don’t miss out, register today! There are no plans currently to record the webinar so make sure you attend!


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