Did You Take This Trade?

Having a trading system ensures that you have the best possible chance of catching big profitable trades. At Trading College we use the Pro-Trading System (PTS). The Pro-Trading System is designed to save you time in scanning the markets for trades setting up, generating profits and it also provides an easy way for you to manage your trades better. It’s been a great start to the trading week. In this free video update, Lee Sandford, professional trader walks you through a trade in Crude Oil that is currently £387 in profit.

If you would like to improve your trading and have access to the Pro-Trading System, have a look at our Pro-Trader Programme. Keep your eyes peeled, sometimes we run special bonuses with the Pro-Trading System. Give us a call on 0203 005 4905 if you would like to find out more or click here to learn more about the course.

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