£30,000 Trade Profit Walk-through

Lee walks you through his £30k profit trade from earlier this week and lays out the principle reasons for why he took this trade, tells you where he placed his stop as well as how he scaled into the trade in order to build a bigger position. We go deeper into why some traders can never catch the big profits (whilst others almost always do) and give you a very handy (but simple) trading technique that you can put to use to help you earn some big returns for yourself.

You guys Lee here from training college, with your free market update. We’re going to take a look at this tax trade that’s been progressing over the last several days here in this short signal on the pro trend system, I’m actually about to actually hit 31,000 diapers on this image here. I took of my account. Um, this morning it was up about 30,113 pounds 20. Now what I’ve done, I’ll show you the signals show you. Uh, actually we started short in this, um, the start of the week got up to about 60 pounds, a point on the short side. Now what I’ve done a bank to majority of that trade. And now this is my live accounts. So now I’ve got 10 pounds left, um, left 5,400 on the table here to see if we can break through and get down to this 11,930. Now let’s talk about this trade.

Now I have been building a position. Now, what is building a position mean? That means adding more trades, more position sized in when the tray goes in my direction. So this was a on Monday this week we had, we had a big down day. Now we already had a red PTs here and we’d already had a signal to short. Then the next day we had the big move. So I was already short here on the way down on that big move. So the account grew dramatically that day, uh, nicely. And as this market just kept falling on the Dax that day, I just kept on adding to the trade, managing my risks, making sure I was risking X percent on each individual trade. Um, and we went sideways for a few days and then we went back up here. Now I banked some of the profit, took it down to about 24, 25,000 and then started adding again on this move on that particular day there, and then done some more today as well.
Then, as I said, I’m back down to the just 5,000 left with 10 pounds. A point on the table here poised to remember is that you’ve got to have a plan. You’ve got to stick to your plan. Um, you’ve got to have a good trading strategy. We’re using the pro train system here. When you get a strong selling signal, instead of what most people do is they get into the trade and they want to get out of the trade as quick as possible. Maybe because previously they had a losing trade or the they’re having a very nice profit and they just want to grab those profits. But mainly it’s to do with what’s happened previously on lost trades will impact to the current trade that they’re in. So they get in the trade and then they talk themselves out the trade to get out of the trade.

It might, it might be. You certainly was me 17, 18 years ago, but the secret really is to take yourself out of the tray. When you’re, when you’re thinking that the market’s going to have a big move, you need to plan it. Of course, you need to go for a target. You need to think about where you want to, you know, where the price is going to go. And if it doesn’t go there, that’s perfectly fine. We all wanted to go to that target. But what I do is if I see a bigger swing trade setting up, so this is on the daily chart. If I see a bigger swing trade setting up and a big potential move, we put this on our hot list that we do every Monday night I scan club. And then what I do then is I will then go down to a one hour timeframe.

And if you’re working, you can use other techniques. You could just use breakdowns and break below the lows. Um, and I will add on pullbacks as the market goes up. I look for a red signal, okay. And then I look for another red cell light green light red signal, and then continue to short it. As I said, a couple of days ago on the free video that we were looking for the market to go up on this particular day and then resume the downtrend. And then we were looking for it to go up here and then resume the downtrend. So the next move is probably up here. So you don’t want to be short in down here or add into your short trade down here. You want to be looking at at it as it goes up, and then you get the trigger to short, okay, this is the worst place to short the market down the lows.

And the problem with what I see is that people get FOMO, which means that, you know, the fear of missing out of a big move and you have to have the patience to wait for those trades. Now, if you haven’t got patience there, maybe put an ordering, you know, go to your broker, grab a ticket as grab one. You put an order to open further back up and put a sell order. If you’re looking for side trades at a certain level and then put your position sizing or whatever it is, and it will be a limit order to short, but you’ll stop in and so on. So putting orders in your broker allows you to feel like you’re in control and that you’re trading still. Um, because I think a lot of people also realize that and think that because they turned on their computer screens and they, and they’re basically now ready to look at the markets that they should start trading.

And it’s so important that you look for that set up. Otherwise, if you don’t have a setup that you’re following, then the odds decreased dramatically that you know, to, for you to have a winning trade. Okay. So few lessons learned here really. And what I wanted to get across was that if you feel as though there’s a big move happening, I E there’s going to be a market it’s going to take off. And I would certainly be using our pro trend system and our momentum indicators and all our proprietary staff. And then I would plan it. Okay. You know, it’s just about a fire signal. This was a short signal. And then I’ll be looking for targets. Here’s our targets already set out with the pro-trade system. There’s our stop just above the high. So if you look at this, you can see that the, the actual profit, the risk, you know, compared to potential reward is three times minimum.

And if I went for this next profit target, which is one 91, 11,930, you can see the difference. This is the risk compared this is the profit and go spotting. Those big moves takes a little bit of skill, but we use our pro train system. Okay. And you know, we just follow the pro train system. And then when we get the big move, I don’t want to get out the trade. I want to stay in the trade until it hits the profit target. It might not hit the profit target, but I want to stay in. And I want to sort of challenge myself to say, right, can I hold onto this? Can I like, you know, sit on my hands, not do anything, not mess the trade up and wait for it to hit the profit target. I sort of test myself. And that’s how you grow small size trading accounts, but that’s how you grow large size trading accounts dramatically.

Um, because you add to the trade. Now, if I was, you know, I wouldn’t want to add, as it was moving down, I wouldn’t want to be going long. And what people do is that they add to the trade. If they’re losing, which is not good, if you don’t know what you’re doing, I want to add to the trade when it’s winning, because this will be making money. If I was short, then this one would be making money. This one would be making money. This one would be making money. This one, then that’s where you get up to 60 pounds. A point if you’re spread, betting, and then you might’ve done a day trade, a bit lower down. And this one that might be losing all these might be winning. That’s a winning out. That’s a winner. That’s a winner. That’s winning, that’s winning. You’ve got a whole, um, group of trays that you’ve shorted here on the Dax and this one might be losing.

So all of these trades are making money in this little one might be losing, and then you might just want to close the whole thing. Um, all right. So that’s how I progress with this 30 ground, nice profit trade. Uh, in fact it was about 31,000. Um, and this is how I’ve still got that 5,000 running, uh, as we speak, all right, guys, um, hope helps. And if you need to speak to Chris in the office, uh, or in live chat regarding the pro trend system, I’m going to teach you how to go for these big murders and know when they’re going to come by the training we do every week with you on the master classes and with the software of helps speak to you soon. Bye bye.

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