Happy New Year from the Trading College team! We would like to take the time to showcase 12 of our amazing students that were 2017’s Traders Of The Month. All of these students come from different walks of life from being a photographer to a black cab driver! All of their stories and trading journeys are unique and inspirational. Well done!

January 2017

Colin Jones

Colin is a black cab driver based in London. After spending a year or so practicing on dummy accounts and educating himself on trading strategies, Colin was ready for the real thing. He attended a 2-day introductory Trading College course and enjoyed it so much that he decided to sign up for the Mentorship Programme. A few months into his mentorship programme, Colin felt that he’d really turned a corner and was making good trading choices. He was doing so well that he decided to take six weeks off his day job as a London black cab driver and devote himself 100% to trading. His ambition is to become a full-time trader.

Read his story here.

March 2017

Steve Smith

Our Trader of the Month for March was Steve Smith, one of the most courageous and committed traders you’ll ever meet. You won’t meet many people who have taken a bigger roller-coaster ride in their trading journey than Steve. He is finally living the life he dreamed of, “I am currently happier than I’ve ever been in my life.” Read his story here.

May 2017

Paula Veverka

Our Trader of the Month for May was Paula Veverka, a photographer and busy mum from Scotland whose passion for trading is inspiring. Paula uses trading to balance out her life between running a successful photography business and spending quality time with her family. Click here to read more.


July 2017

David Mackay

David has a successful career in the police force but then he had a spinal injury sustained during an arrest that left him physically compromised. He was desperate to find something to stimulate his mind and that’s when he came across trading.The coaches selected David because he has followed his chosen strategies consistently, which has led to successful trades and regular profits. “I’m having a very positive experience doing my Mentorship,” David says. “And I’m excited and positive about the future. I know trading is going to remain a big part of my life.” Read more here.

September 2017

Hakan Suleyman

The coaches chose Harry due to his inspirational trading journey; since starting his Mentorship, Harry has been able to turn around his trading and become consistently profitable.Trading is not only a hobby for Harry but also a second income. His long-term goal is to eventually take a back seat in managing his company and trade full-time so that he can spend more quality time with his family. Click here to learn more.

November 2017

Bob Zierer

Bob,now retired is a student trader, world adventurer and a novice bass guitarist, not typically what springs to mind when you think of retirement! With an impressive career history as a design engineer, sales and marketing expert and secondary school teacher. Bob is now enjoying retirement and living life to the fullest! He supplements his pension and funds his adventures through trading. A perfect example of how trading can provide a secondary income and fund the lifestyle that you want. Click here to read Bob’s story.

February 2017

Sally Moore

Sally Moore was our very first female trader of the month. Born in Manchester, Sally originally qualified as a teacher in Liverpool. Unfortunately, Sally fell ill with ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and had to stop working for a few years. When Sally finally felt well enough to work again, she knew she needed a career that gave her flexibility—because she still had to manage her energy levels carefully—and one that she could do from home.That’s when Sally decided to learn how to trade the markets. Lee introduced Sally to “Elliott Wave Analysis” and this became her specialty; she is now a coach for Trading College.

Read more about her story here.

April 2017

Steve Harris

Our Trader of the Month for April was Steve Harris, who was a Mentorship student. Steve’s commitment to the learning process is impressive. His motto is, “You shouldn’t do anything without getting an education.” And he believes in learning to walk before you learn to run; he is only using very small position sizes while he’s still on the learning path, happy to wait until he sees more consistent profits before taking on more risk. Read his story here.

June 2017

Peter Honeyman

June’s Trader Of The Month was awarded to Peter Honeyman.Peter has been a member of Trading College for several years now. He began by doing a few of our courses when he first found us and then started the Mentorship at the end of 2015. Since January this year, Peter’s trading account has increased massively and he has had an impressive record of winning trades. We caught up with him to ask him about the secret of his success. Click here.

August 2017

Naeem Vance

Naeem’s story was one of our most popular Trader Of The Month articles.Naeem is a self-employed company director. The coaches chose Naeem because in the six months since starting his Mentorship, he managed to triple his trading account! Naeem’s goal is to eventually become a full-time trader. Click here to find out how he managed to triple his trading account.

October 2017

Niel Maidman

Niel is an 82-year-old retired RAF engineer who took up trading to help supplement his pension and his love for travelling. The coaches chose Niel because he has consistently improved his trading habits since starting his Mentorship with Trading College. Niel’s most valuable piece of advice to other traders is, “You have to trust the process!” Click here to read on.



December 2017

Rohan Pitumpe

Rohan emigrated to the UK from Sri Lanka a few years ago and has since built a very successful career as a coffee trainer. He has extended this dedication and ambition to trading and has seen amazing consistent profits. His New Year’s goal is to give up working and become a full-time trader. Rohan puts down his success to taking the time to watch TC’s market updates, read all the blog articles and tune into our webinars. “It honestly changed my life!” Click here to read Rohan’s story.