April’s Trader Of The Month

Dimitris Makes 120 Pips Profit Consistently Every Week

Congratulations to Dimitris Themistokleous for being chosen as April’s Trader Of The Month! Dimitris was chosen by the coaches due to his dedication and hard work. Since joining The Pro-Trader Programme, Dimitris consistently earns 120 pips profit a week!

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Congratulations Dimitris! Can you tell us about yourself?

Thank you! I’m from the beautiful island of Cyprus! I love to travel, play my guitar, and play sports – particularly volleyball, which I used to play semi-professionally back in Cyprus. My hobbies include business, technology, travel, and music. I enjoy playing my guitar with friends, training at the gym and participating in community and local events.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial environment. My family owns businesses in the machinery design and construction industries. Growing up in this environment, I learned from a very young age, the power of the ‘dream’. I learned that to achieve anything, you need to set targets and have discipline, but also have love, care, and gratitude for everything you do in life.

Being fascinated by my family’s profession, I decided to become an engineer. After completing my 2 years of military service in Cyprus, I went to the UK to study engineering and I completed my Bachelor and Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics respectively.

How does trading compare to mechanical engineering?


I see the markets as a machine. Looking at the charts, I see gears rotating, shafts moving and levers adjusting the price in every single market, every single day! I’m sure you’re laughing now… but it’s true!

I believe that the markets are an economic machine controlled by interest rates, GDP, unemployment rates and announcements on monthly basis. At the end of the day, if you want a machine to work properly, you have to actually look at the machine, right? You have to analyse the chart. That’s what all these institutions actually do.

Our job is to see what they see. Or even better, predict what the next move could be by what the charts are telling us. I believe that all the information you need is on the charts. I’m a pure technician or technical analyst. I consider the news when I Day trade but I definitely Mechanical engineer learns to trade the marketsdon’t trade them.

How did your background in mechanical engineering help your trading?

I love charts, and I believe my profession, most probably, had an impact on that. When I studied engineering, I had to learn how to read, analyse and explain charts very well. I have to admit though, that this skill is a bless and a curse at the same time! At some point, you have to realise that you need to stop analysing and start doing. That’s the main difference between being passive and active.

I believe that knowledge, which is a rational activity, determines what you learn. Whereas action, which is an irrational activity, and your mindset determines your outcome. How you feel determines your decisions and your decisions determine your results. In my opinion, that’s what makes you great.

I trade to compound my savings account and build up an investment portfolio. Trading is a skill set where you are allowed to use and produce income, from anywhere in the world.

How did you first become interested in trading?

After I finished my studies, I returned back to Cyprus to support my family with their business. When I settled back on the island, I had the chance to meet my mother’s uncle. He was around 75 years old and living in the US. He was visiting us for a few weeks during the summer holidays. I’d never met him before because he had left Cyprus before I was born. However, many times I’d heard my family talking about him and how wealthy he was in the States but no one could explain how he had achieved his wealth.

Long story short – one day, I decided to ask him while we were talking about business ideas and wealth. I said, “Uncle, how did you win the game of money?” He said, “I will show you” and he grabbed the remote control from the table, turned on the TV and selected an American channel. It was Bloomberg. He said, “I learned to invest in the stock market. I am an old school guy.”

He continued, “I still invest by sending a text message from my mobile phone. Nowadays, you can use your computer. There are colleges where you can go and learn how to trade the financial markets. You are a smart guy. You could do it even better than me but you need to learn to do it properly”. I was speechless – I didn’t even know what trading the markets meant! I went home and that’s when the research began.Trader travelling the world

What did you do next?

When I moved back to the UK for the second time, I began to look for companies that taught how to trade the financial markets. One day, I saw Lee Sandford talking on IG TV. He was explaining the MACD indicator. Underneath his name on TV was his company ‘Trading College’ so I googled it.

I came across Trading College around 1.5 years ago. I subscribed to the newsletter on Trading College’s website and started receiving the free update videos 3 times a week. The videos were really valuable. I watched them all the time. The whole concept of trading was fascinating to me so I decided to attend the ‘Learn to Trade Live’ course in London.

I then purchased my first online course ‘Rapid Accelerator Strategies’ and started learning! After that, I started backtesting some strategies in a demo account until I started to see some results. I started making money with my live account by implementing the strategies I’d learned whilst using The Pro-Trading System.

Did you continue your education at Trading College?

Yes. I joined the Pro-Trader Programme at the beginning of this year. That was, by far the best investment I have made. The Live Trading Room and all the perks included in this programme are absolutely priceless!

My success today is due to the coaches and my education from Trading College. The support and guidance I receive are invaluable. I was looking for the right place to learn to trade the markets for a while. Most other training providers just want to sell you courses and packages. At Trading College, I found a community and family of people that care about you and everyone wants to see you become successful.

How easy is it to fit trading around your current commitments?

trader of the month enjoys playing guitar

I don’t think it’s an issue. For me, trading time is part of my daily plan. It’s like going to the gym or doing something that you really enjoy. If you have a trading plan, it can be adjusted around your life.  You can build your plan around your other responsibilities and make it work.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as “no time!” We all have the same hours in a day and we choose how we fill those hours. You can make time for anything that is important to you. We always make time for the things we love, or more precisely, for the things we do for the people we love. I believe that if you want to win the ‘money game’ in life, just working and exchanging time for money is not the right thing. Those who understand the power of compounding have a massive advantage over those who don’t!

How is your trading going so far?

I see trading as a profession and feel proud to be a trader, just like I’m proud to be an engineer. My trading account has increased by 18% in the last month since joining the Pro-Trader Programme, and I now consistently make 120 pips profit every single week.

I managed to increase my trading account by joining the Pro-Trader Programme. I believe the Pro-Trader Programme and Mentorship Programme are for those who really want to make trading work for them. Trying by yourself is not good enough, it’s pretty much gambling.

My advice to others is to trust your training! Pick a strategy that resonates with you and stick to it. The strategy I use brings me 8 winning trades out of 10, at least.

Coaching from a professional trader

What are your ambitions for the future?

I enjoy doing things professionally and doing the best I can, in anything I do. The main reason I came to the UK was to become an investor. I love technology and trading provides me with a platform to build an investment portfolio and invest in technology and innovation. About a year ago, I became a member of the Society Of Technical Analysts (MSTA) and I aim to become a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) at some point in the future as well.


Thanks, Dimitris and congratulations again. We wish you the best in your trading journey and good luck with becoming a certified financial technician!
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