Combining The Waves And The System =  A Powerful Trading System

It’s the last trading day of May so we dive into the Forex markets to spot profitable trading opportunities. Trading College Founder and STA qualified technical analyst Lee Sandford explains how powerful combining old-fashioned technical analysis and new trading systems can be when trading the Forex markets. Lee focuses on Wave Patterns in particular and explains how this strategy is excellent in spotting money-making moves in the market.

Combining technical analysis, the Wave Pattern strategy, and The Pro-Trading System, Lee analyses the EURUSD Forex market which has been an extremely profitable market this month. He also looks at the popular Forex pair USDJPY which has had a 100 pip move.

Learn more about Wave Trading and Technical Analysis at our Learn To Trade Live classroom course. We have a few spaces left for Saturday 16th June in London… reserve your space now to avoid disappointment! Lee Sandford will be coaching students about the best trading tools, strategies, risk management and more!

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