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Get To Know Our Head Coach - Fed



This week we spoke to our head coach, Federico Bustos. We asked him about his background, what brought him to Trading College and what his future aspirations are.


Fed is a hugely popular member of the Trading College team, not just for his expert teaching but also for his wonderful, warm personality. His people skills must have been honed in the 11 years he spent travelling the world working in hotel management. “I loved working in hospitality because it took me to so many interesting place,” says Fed. “I was born and raised in Argentina, but through my work I’ve lived in Florida, Milan and Barcelona. I moved to London six yeas ago to improve my English.”


Although his career gave him plenty of travelling opportunities, Fed craved even more freedom. “I always wanted to be my own boss, and to find a way to earn an income from anywhere in the world.”


Researching ways of making a second income that he could build into a main income, Fed considered property investing and multi-level marketing before settling on trading as the best way to achieve his goals. But when he started talking to trading education companies he found that, in most cases, he was talking to sales people who seemed more interested in taking his money than in showing him evidence of their trading success. When he found Trading College, he was immediately impressed. “Lee was the only guy I found who was giving real trading examples, showing the real trades he took. His introductory webinars were open to everyone. He was completely transparent.”

Since becoming a student of Trading College four years ago, Fed has never looked back. Using the PTS (Pro-Trading System), he has made consistent profits. Fed attributes his success to one important factor. “I simply follow the rules that Lee teaches. Nothing more complicated than that. I have never met a trader who loses money by following the rules. The only people I see losing money are the ones who break the rules.”


Within only a few months of joining Trading College, Lee offered Fed the opportunity to teach students at weekends. Last year, Fed quit his job in the hotel industry in order to trade and teach trading full time. He loves the freedom his new life gives him. “I’ve been on six holidays in the past four months. I’ve spent time in Argentina, Lyon, Valencia, Bali and Lanzarote (at the recent Forex Mastery Retreat). For me, the motivation has never been material things or money alone, it’s always been about the freedom to travel, and the ability to make money while I’m enjoying the outdoor pursuits I love, such as snowboarding and kitesurfing. Only recently, during a trip to Argentina, I returned from a day out hiking in Patagonia to discover I’d made over £700 on a trade I had set up. That pretty much paid for my holiday!”


So why does Fed work at Trading College when he could afford to live off his trading profits and travel full time? “I love people and I’m passionate about teaching trading. I want to share my knowledge with others, to help them achieve their goals. I like exploring the world but I also love meeting new people. I get to meet so many interesting people through Trading College, and it’s like a family. Members become part of our community. The recent retreat in Lanzarote was so much fun. I would never want to give up great experiences like that. I’m very happy with my life.”


And what are Fed’s goals for the future? “I want to continue learning about trading and passing on my knowledge to my students. One day, of course, I hope to have a family. But I couldn’t be one of those fathers who never see their children. I want to be a present father, always involved with my kids’ daily lives. Trading will give me the ability to do that.” As chat-up lines, go, Fed, that’s not a bad one!


He is only 33 and already Fed has more freedom than most people will have in their working lives. That’s impressive and inspirational. We feel lucky to have him as a valued member of the Trading College team.


Trade In The Sun

Trading College News - Trade In The Sun


Last week a group of students and coaches from Trading College travelled to the beautiful island of Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, for the Forex Mastery Retreat. The idea of the retreat was for students to spend an immersive few days with coaches and fellow students, live trading, discussing trading, and generally enjoying the gorgeous weather and luxurious environment!

The retreat goers started each day in the Live Trading Room, which was more interactive than usual. Rather than students simply watching and listening to what the coaches were doing, they were encouraged to participate in the process. Students were able to talk through trades with each other, ask the coaches questions, and make their own decisions. Generally, the coaches would go through the strategies and then ask students what they would do in various scenarios.


An aim of the retreat was to keep things very simple. Our coaches wanted to show students how straightforward trading can be, so the strategies they focused on during the retreat were the FREE MONEY and BOOMERANG strategies. Both these strategies allow traders to set up trades or alerts, and then to walk away and get on with their day, knowing that the trades would kick in when the right prices were reached, or that they’d get an alert on their phones telling them that the price was right and they should follow up and make the trade.


In this situation and location, “walking away and getting on with their day” was a little more enjoyable than usual!


Being away from their usual daily lives allowed students to experience how flexible trading can be. They were able to see, first hand, how they really can trade from anywhere in the world, and whenever they want. This helped them see how realistic it is for them to fit trading around their busy lives and commitments at home. Every day on the retreat, they only had to work for a couple of hours. They then had the rest of the day off to rest and relax in the sunshine, following up if and when they needed to when they got alerts on their phones.


One of the high points of the whole retreat was when members received messages that they had made a profit on one of their trades while they were enjoying pre-dinner drinks. Finding out that they had just made money, literally as they were about to sit down to dinner, created quite the celebratory atmosphere!


Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable time and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. What the students seemed to find most useful was being able to spend a few days immersed in the company of coaches and fellow members, discussing strategies and asking questions whenever they felt like it. Spending time in a group of people who shared a passion for trading was what participants said they valued the most about the retreat.


Overall, the Trading College Forex Mastery Retreat was a huge success. Don’t miss the next one!



Some Of Our Favourite Snaps

February's Trader Of The Month

Trader Of The Month - February 2017

Our Trader of the Month for February is...

Sally Moore. She is also our very first female trader of the month. Congratulations, Sally!


Born in Manchester, Sally originally qualified as a teacher in Liverpool, and began her career teaching Science and Geography. She later went into teaching children with special needs, including some with severe disabilities. She describes this as one of the most rewarding times of her life. Unfortunately, Sally fell ill with ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and had to stop working for a few years. She was in and out of hospital, struggling to stay on top of her life and look after her young son.


When Sally finally felt well enough to work again, she knew she needed a career that gave her flexibility—because she still had to manage her energy levels carefully—and one that she could do from home. When she stumbled across one of Lee’s seminars online, she was intrigued and immediately signed up for a two-day introductory course.


That weekend, around two years ago, completely changed Sally’s life. She loved every minute of it and bombarded Lee with questions. “I just couldn’t shut up, I was so excited about it,” says Sally. “What I loved about Lee was that he was so sincere and down to earth. He didn’t oversell anything or make false promises. He seemed much more genuine that most of the trainers I’d seen advertising on the Internet.” Sally immediately signed up for the mentorship course.


Lee introduced Sally to “Elliott Wave Analysis” and this became her speciality. She was fascinated by Elliott Waves, which, she explains, “run through everything in life, in nature, in human behaviour... everything. From seashells to galaxies, we can see the presence of Elliott Waves. As an old hippie, I instantly connected to this principle. I was intrigued to study how it’s applicable in trading because of the way it can be seen in human behaviour. Our collective optimism and pessimism goes in waves. The hopes and fears of people, the greed that drives them, their confidence... it all goes in waves. And because people are the ones who are trading, these waves are reflected in the markets, too.””


Sally was so fascinated in Elliott Wave Theory she decided to study it in a formal capacity and recently qualified as a Level One Elliott Wave Analyst. She has recently started to study for her Level Two exams. She needs 80% in order to teach courses, but if she gets 90% she would qualify as an Elliott Wave Master and become one of only six people—and the very first woman—in the world to do so! She already teaches Elliott Wave Analysis to Trading College members.


Having always been a people person, Sally says it is the community of Trading College she most appreciates, both the online and live community. “I live in the middle of the countryside so going down to London for a weekend course is quite an adventure for me.” She loves the supportive atmosphere between members and relishes her communication with them.


In the future, Sally is hoping to become a Technical Analysis trainer for Trading College and is currently taking the qualifications that would enable her to do so. She is passionate about trading, especially as it has brought her all the way back, in a full circle (or perhaps in her own personal Elliott Wave), to her first love... teaching! We wish her every success in the future and look forward to watching her progress.

Two Markets Divided By One Pond

This week we look back at what the markets have been doing since Trump took power, and how his actions should, or rather should not, affect your trading plan.


Honeymoon Period


The new U.S. President is a complete anomaly in that he has no previous political experience. Naturally everyone has been nervous, but so far the U.S. markets have rallied. Donald Trump is, first and foremost, a businessman, and since his inauguration he has been busy fulfilling many of his election campaign promises. In particular, he is signing legislation that favours business by reducing regulations on industry, and the U.S. market has been responding favourably. Last Wednesday, the Dow Jones broke 20,000 for the first time ever. Trump seems to be acting like a good businessman, making decisions and carrying them out like any good business owner would. The markets like this kind of certainty, which is why they are responding so well.


On The Other Side Of The Pond


George Bernard Shaw once said, “England and America are two countries divided by a common language.” At the moment the U.S. and U.K. markets look like two markets divided by one pond! While things are looking rosy in the U.S. markets, the situation is not so good in the U.K. Perhaps in response to Brexit deal decisions still being in debate, the U.K. markets are lagging behind the U.S. ones. The FTSE 100 recently had a sell off from around the 7360 mark all the way down to 7150. So, depending on which market you’re trading, things are looking very different.


A Trader’s Response


So how do we respond to all the news... the daily announcements about Trump’s latest words and actions? The answer is we do not respond to any of it. We are technical analysis traders, not economic speculators, so the only thing we respond to is whatever we see on our charts. We look at our charts and prices, and we trade what we see. Do not let whatever is going on in the world affect your trading decisions.


What Goes Up...


Everyone has a honeymoon period in a new job, and who knows what might lie in store for the U.S. in the future. The U.S. markets are at an all time high, but what goes up must come down. There will undoubtedly be a point at which Trump experiences some disappointments and setbacks in his presidency. The markets are likely to respond to this and we could see a sharp drop. But the point is, we still don’t respond to this possibility or predict when this could happen. Again, because we are technical analysts, we keep trading what we see on our charts.


Challenging Times


Use these turbulent, changing times to test yourself. This could be the biggest test to date of your discipline. To be able to shut out what you hear on a daily basis and stick to your trading plan, to trade what you see on your charts regardless of what you see on the news, could be a huge challenge for you, especially if you feel personally affected by whatever decisions Trump takes. Whatever your opinion, keep your politics out of your trading. Trade what you see, never what you hear or feel!

News And Goals - Trading College – January 2017

This week we want to give you some background on Trading College. We spoke to Lee Sandford about what inspired him to set the company up and what his goals are for the future.



As a qualified football coach with a degree in Sports Science and Coaching, when Lee retired from playing professional football he knew he wanted a break from sport but not from teaching. “Teaching is in my blood,” he says. “I love educating people and as I was already trading myself, it was the natural thing to teach.”


First Half

Lee’s first move was to become a partner in another training company. He soon found he wanted more autonomy in the way he taught people so he left and started Trading College. He took on his first few students and things snowballed from there. “A lot of people had heard about me through friends I was already teaching so I quickly went from having one or two clients to having over a hundred potential students signed up as members!” Lee remembers how daunting it was teaching his first course of 35 people. “Managing that number of people was a real challenge, but I succeeded and loved the experience.” Since then membership has grown exponentially every year.


Half Time

When Lee reflects on what made Trading College so popular, he feels it’s because ordinary people relate to him. “I wasn’t a typical banker in a suit. People connected to me because I was like them. They felt they could ask me anything. They didn’t feel intimidated. They knew they could trust me to tell it as it is.”


Second Half

Eventually, Trading College got so busy that Lee brought in one of his students to help run the company. Four years ago, the company moved into its current offices in Teddington and has continued to grow ever since. “We’ve now got 15 full-time members of staff, from our customer service and member relations teams to our coaches and finance director, and the team is still growing,” Lee tells us.


A Winning Team

Lee believes the secret to Trading College’s success is the ability to tailor the education to the client. “People learn in different ways,” Lee explains. “Some people need more visual aids, others more audio, and some people learn more kinaesthetically, which means by doing practical tasks rather than listening and watching.” He believes this is what makes the one-on-one mentorship programmes that Trading College offers so popular. “I love being a mentor. I love watching someone with little or no experience absorb new information and keep growing and progressing. And these days I can mentor anyone anywhere in the world over the Internet. There are no geographical barriers. I have clients as far away as Dubai and Australia.”


Growing The Team

Being a successful trader is not the only goal for some students; some want to train to become Trading College coaches themselves. “Former students make excellent coaches,” says Lee. “It makes sense to learn trading from someone who was once in exactly the same position as you, and someone who trades their own account. Why would you want to learn from a city trader who trades his client’s account when you can learn from a retail trader who’s been on a similar journey? Everyone here can relate to each other. That’s what makes the relationships at Trading College so strong and transparent. You know you’re going to get the truth; no one has anything to hide. With our live trading webinars you can see everything that’s happening. Plus, trading is traditionally such a lonely existence. By making it a community experience at Trading College, and by being so accessible to our students and members, we’ve changed that experience for retail traders.”


Next Season’s Goals

As we move into 2017, what are Lee’s goals for Trading College? “To continue to grow and expand internationally. I’d like to see Trading College become the best trading education company in the UK and then the best in Europe. We’ve got some exciting announcements to make in the spring, which we’ll update you on nearer the time.” We can’t wait to hear, Lee!

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