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5 Trading Mistakes to Avoid

This week we offer our top tips on how to avoid the five most common trading mistakes.   We all have fragile egos and no one likes to be wrong, but holding on to a losing position (in the hope that the trade is eventually going to turn around and go into profit)...

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Top Trading College mentor, Fed, gives us some recommendations as to how we, as TA traders, should be trading around the news announcements. Remember, news is released throughout the day, at different times depending on the country and instrument. For example, news...

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Trader of the Month: May 2017

Our Trader of the Month for May is Paula Veverka, a photographer and busy mum from Scotland whose passion for trading is inspiring. Paula uses trading to balance out her life between running a successful photography business and spending quality time with her family.

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This week we asked Lee Sandford to explain why we use indicators. “As technical analysis traders, we are looking at chart patterns to inform our trading,” Lee reminds us, clarifying that, “Indicators are simply pieces of software that we can plug into our charts to...

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5 Reasons to be a Technical Trader

Let's look at the benefits of being a Technical Analysis Trader. Firstly, let’s define what we mean by “technical” as opposed to “fundamental” analysis. Put simply, fundamental analysts take huge amounts of information and data that they analyse in order to make their...

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April's Trader of The Month

Our Trader of the Month for April is Steve Harris, who is half way through his one-year mentorship at Trading College. Steve’s commitment to the learning process is impressive. His motto is, “You shouldn’t do anything without getting an education.” And he believes in...

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The Trading College Learning Hub

This week we spoke to Lee Sandford about the brand new TRADING COLLEGE LEARNING HUB being launched today! The Learning Hub is a brand new online interactive course portal that allows members to take courses suited to them, in their own time, on their laptop, desktop,...

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Trading College News: March 2017

Just when you thought Trading College couldn’t make learning to trade any easier, we have launched a new online programme that literally holds your hand and takes you step by step through the process of trading using our best available tool. This month, we are very...

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Spotlight on the Markets - March 2017

Markets have their idiosyncrasies and distinct features just like the human beings who trade them (perhaps because of the human beings who trade them!) And, as with human personalities, some of these traits are inherent, long-standing ones while others fluctuate...

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